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Baby Back Ribs like Applebee's® - Boiled, brushed with sauce, then broiled, these ribs are tender and full of zesty flavor.
Baby Back Ribs With Mustard Sauce - Grilled ribs brushed with a slightly sweet sauce.
Bacon Pet Biscuits - Make your cat or dog these tasty treats at home!
Bacon Scallion Mashed Potatoes like Applebee's® - Ready in 30 minutes, this creamy side dish is flavored with bacon, scallions, garlic, and sour cream.
Bag O BBQ Ramen - An old friend of mine learned how to make this in prison. Great for college students, bachelors, and anyone one a tight budget.
Bahama Mama - Fruity, tropical mixed drink with the flavors of coconut, banana or melon, pineapple, orange, and cherry.
Baked Acorn Squash - Make-ahead side dish can save you time when preparing a large holiday meal.
Baked Apple Pancake - Apples, cinnamon, pecans, and maple syrup baked right into one big, fluffy pancake.
Baked Beans - Don't just open the can, heat, and serve! Add flavor to this favorite side dish.
Baked Chicken Breast With Fresh Basil - Simple and healthy, yet packed with flavor!
Baked Chicken Chimichangas like Chi-Chi's® - Spiced chicken and refried beans in a crisp shell.
Baked Garlic Asparagus - For those of you who think asparagus is bland and mushy, this recipe will prove you wrong!
Baked Macaroni, Cheese & Spinach - Rich and cheesy side dish. Low Fat!
Baked Ravioli Casserole - Similar to lasagna, but much easier! Takes less than 20 minutes to assemble and 30 minutes to bake.
Baklava - Layers of buttery phyllo dough, nuts, and cinnamon, baked, then soaked in a sweet honey glaze. Whether Bulgarian, Greek, or Turkish in origin, it's a long-time favorite around the world.
Banana Mask For Dry Skin - Soothes dry skin.
Banana Nut Bread - Sweet quick bread to use up those over-ripe bananas.
Banana Nut Bread II - Moist, nutty banana bread made with cream cheese.
Banana Nut Bread in a Jar - Sweet bread baked into Mason jars slides out easily when ready to serve. Each jar serves 4.
Banana Nut Muffins and Mini Loaves like Otis Spunkmeyer's® - Moist muffins have a rich banana taste.
Bananaberry Freeze like Applebee's® - Frozen virgin drink with appealing and edible garnish.
Banana Split Cake - Everyone always seems to have room for a second helping of this cool layered dessert.
Barbecue Chicken Pizza - Chicken, barbeque sauce and smoked Gouda cheese are among the toppings that will give your pizza a change of pace.
Barbecue Sauce - Make your own and adjust to taste. You'll never want to buy a bottle from the store again!
Barbequed Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp - A simple and tasty idea to turn shrimp into a delectable dish.
Barbecued Chuck Roast - Marinated then grilled, this is a nice alternative to dry oven baked roasts.
Barbecued Orange Chicken - Sweet glazed, grilled chicken.
Basic Baking Mix like Bisquick® - There are endless uses for this all-purpose baking mix.
Basic Beef Stock - Make it the old fashioned way! Simmering beef bones, vegetables, and herbs make a stock used as a base for soups and many other recipes.
Basic Chicken Stock - Make it the old fashioned way! Simmering whole chicken, vegetables, and herbs make a stock used as a base for soups and many other recipes.
Basic Skillet Chuck Roast - No exact measurements or times, just a good 'ole recipe for a basic roast.
Bass With Avocado Sauce - Breaded baked bass topped with a creamy avocado sauce.
BBQ Ribs - This is an excellent dish for a barbeque party. Make the ribs in advance, and when your guests have arrived, all that's left is to grill them. You'll have them wondering how they got so tender and tasty so fast.
Beef & Barley Stroganoff - Very simple. Serve over egg noodles or rice.
Beef & Onion Pie - Easy recipe turns ground beef, onion soup mix, cheese, and refrigerator biscuits into a hearty meal.
Beef Fajita Salad - Fresh salad with a variety of vegetables, topped with marinated beef, then smothered in a tangy dressing and crumbled tortilla chips.
Beef Noodle Soup - Cheap and filling. Can be made in a crock pot or in the oven.
Beer Barbecue Sauce - Use to marinade, baste, or on the side.
Beer Butt Chicken - Beer and chicken on the grill - how much more manly can you get? A can of beer, literally stuffed up the chicken's rear, makes it tender, juicy, and full of flavor.
Beer Cheese Fondue - I've used this recipe since 1973. Delicious served with French bread cubes!
Beet Salad - Simple salad topped with roasted beets, sweet dressing, and feta.
Berry Citrus Parfaits - Layers of sweet berries and flavored whipped cream make this cool concoction perfect for a warm summer day. Ready in only 15 minutes!
Better Breath Pet Biscuits - Make your cat or dog these tasty treats at home!
Between The Sheets - Mixed drink with rum, brandy, triple sec, and lime juice served up or on the rocks.
Big Apple Pancake like Bickford's® - Baked pancake topped with a sweet apple mixture.
Bill's Taco Bake - Layered, baked taco dip is quick and serves a crowd.
Biscuits like McDonald's® - Quick and easy, makes great breakfast sandwiches and goes perfect with sausage gravy.
B.L.T. Dip - Classic Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich turned into a dip! So simple yet so scrumptious!
Black Bean Salsa - Colorful and tasty, this can be served as a dip with tortilla chips, on tacos, or as a Southwest twist on burgers.
Blackened Salmon - Cooking in a cast iron skillet is best.
Blemished Skin Mask - Weekly treatment for skin with spots.
Bleu Cheese Dressing like The Chart House's® - Zesty, creamy dressing with chunks of bleu cheese.
Bleu Cheese Salad Dressing - Creamy dressing with the tang of bleu cheese.
Blondie Brownies like Applebee's® - Yellow brownies with white chocolate chips, topped with warm maple sauce, and served with ice cream.
Blue Crab Dip like Joe's Crab Shack's® - Hot, creamy dip with crab, onions, peppers, and parmesan.
Blue Hawaiian - Mixed drink with rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, sweet and sour served over ice.
Bourbon Ribeyes - Taste the bourbon to make sure it is good, then fire up the grill! Excellent when grilled over mesquite.
Bourbon Slush - Frozen fruity alcoholic smoothie.
Bourbon Steak - Steak of your choice marinated in a sweet bourbon sauce then grilled.
Bread Pudding - Traditional dessert. Great for using up stale bread.
Bread Pudding II - This recipe for bread pudding had a unique whiskey topping.
Breakfast Casserole - Eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes, and cheese all in one convenient dish. Can be made at night, then baked the next morning.
Breakfast Sausage - Save money making this pork sausage at home with spices you probably already have in the cabinet.
Broasted ‘N Barbequed Ribs - Rubbed with spices, slow roasted, then slathered with sauce and grilled to give it the perfect finishing touch.
Broccoli Casserole - Easy, inexpensive, and filling meal.
Broccoli, Cauliflower & Rice Bake - Creamy, cheesy casserole makes a hearty side dish or a healthy main course.
Broccoli Cheese Soup - Hearty, creamy soup is so simple!
Broccoli Pasta Casserole/Salad - Can be served hot as a main dish OR cold as a pasta salad.
Broccoli, Rice & Cheese Casserole - Quick and easy recipe uses only 4 ingredients but yields a delicious dinner.
Broiled Salmon with Dill - Basic, fast, and easy, this recipe uses just the right spices to enhance the flavor of your salmon steaks.
Brushetta like Red Lobster's® - Shrimp, peppers, and onion melted into cheese atop French bread slices.
Bruschette like Carrabba's® - Garlic toast mounded with two different toppings: fontina cheese and sautéed mushrooms; mozzarella, tomato and pesto.
Bubbly Apple "Pies" - Single serving apple "pies" with a secret ingredient to make them bubble.
Buffalo Chicken Dip - Layered, baked dip with buffalo chicken, cream cheese, ranch dip, and cheese. Serve with chips and celery.
Buffalo Chicken Soup - We tasted this cheesy, spicy chicken soup at a local restaurant and just had to try to recreate it at home. We got it first try! It's so easy and delicious, I'm sure it'll become a favorite at your house, too.
Buffalo Chicken Strips - Tangy strips of chicken with a creamy sauce. Low fat!
Buffalo Wings like Hooter's® - Just like the restaurants', hot and crispy.
Butter Horn Nut Rolls - Tiny nut rolls spiced to perfection.
Butter Pound Cake - A rich, finely textured yellow cake that's been a classic for years.
Buttermilk Biscuits - Down home taste only takes a little more time. Smother with sausage gravy for a filling meal!
Buttermilk Peach Pie - Peach slices baked in a creamy glaze. Serve hot or cold.

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