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Market Macaroni and Cheese - Glorified mac and cheese, but still simple.
Macaroni Salad - Classic accompaniment to take to a barbeque.
Mama's Homemade Pie Crust - All-purpose crust for your homemade pies.
Mandarin Orange Cake - Unbelievably delicious, moist orange cake topped with a creamy pineapple spread.
Margarita - Classic cocktail made with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and sweet and sour mix. Serve on the rocks or frozen.
Margarita Presidente like Chili's® - Top shelf margarita.
Margherita Pizza - Just a plain 'ole cheese pizza, but with a very authentic Italian taste.
Marinated Steak like The Outback's® - Use any cut of meat you'd like.
Mashed Potatoes ŕ la Southern of Sweden (Potatismos) - Just a good 'ole mashed potato recipe submitted by a Swedish site visitor.
Meatballs (Köttbullar) - Just a good 'ole meatball recipe submitted by a Swedish site visitor.
Meatballs like Carrabba's® - A combination of beef, pork, cheese, and fresh herbs make for a flavorful meaty addition to any pasta sauce.
Boston Meatloaf  - Easy meatloaf with tomato-based sauce.
Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables - Onion, peppers, and squashes seasoned and grilled to perfection.
Mexican Florentine Casserole - Meatless main dish or side dish turns bean and cheese burritos into a colorful, zesty casserole with spinach.
Mexican Meatloaf - I never liked meatloaf as a child until my dad showed me this yummy version. My hubby asks for it all the time!
Mexican Pizza like Taco Bell's® - Taco meat, beans, cheeses, picante sauce, tomatoes, and onion on a crispy shell.
Mexican Roll-Ups - Colorful and zesty cold appetizer.
Microwave Low-Fat Tapioca Pudding - Easy and healthy.
Microwave Peanut Brittle - Make this traditional candy the non-traditional way faster!
Mint Julep - An alcoholic drink made of bourbon whiskey and brandy, sugar, crushed mint leaves, and shaved ice.
Miso Soup - A popular soup in Japan which accompanies any meal, including breakfast. It's simple, fast, and tasty.
Mongolian Beef - Serve over rice and use chopsticks to eat.
Motor Oil Chicken - Tastes just like the succulent grilled chicken sold at county fairs here in Ohio.
Mountain Dew® Cake - The first time I made this bundt cake, it was eaten in less than a day - and it was just my husband and I eating it!
Mud Slide - Creamy, chocolaty taste; packs a punch.
Muffins: Any Way You Want ‘Em - Basic muffin recipe with 7 variations: Surprise In The Center, Blueberry, Apple & Raisin, Date & Nut, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins, and Mocha.
Muffuletta Pizza - Instead of layering toppings, they are combined, allowed to marinade, then placed on pizza prior to cooking.
Mushroom Meat Loaf - This is a tasty alternative to the usual dry meat loaf. The gravy is great over mashed or baked potatoes.
Mussels Marinara like Red Lobster's® - Fresh herbs and red wine in addition to mussels make this tomato-based pasta sauce a treat.

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