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Fabulous Freehand Fish - No measurements needed, just open up the spice cabinet and shake for the tastiest baked fish ever!
Fajitas like Chili's® - Southwest marinaded chicken or beef, grilled, and paired with onions and peppers. This is my favorite recipe!
Fantasy Fudge - Make with or without the nuts for the richest fudge ever. Includes several flavor variations.
Feline Fishballs - Make your cat these tasty treats at home!
Festive Pumpkin Ginger Parfaits - A mixture of pudding made with egg nog and whipped cream is layered with crushed ginger snaps to make a tasty yet sin-free dessert.
Fettuccini Alfredo like The Olive Garden's® - Very easy and very creamy!
Fettuccini with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes like a popular cheesecake restaurant's - The only thing missing from the recipe's title is the garlic Parmesan cream sauce that brings together this easy meal.
Fish House Punch - Rum, cognac, and brandy accompanied by lemon and peaches packs a punch!
Flaming Dr. Pepper® - Shot set on fire and dropped into a beer. Tastes just like Dr. Pepper®.
Focaccia - Savory flat bread with sea salt and rosemary.
Fortune Cookies - These popular cookies are the perfect accompaniment any Oriental meal. Personalize the fortunes for a sweet sentiment or a good laugh.
French Onion Hamburgers - Sautéed onions and beefy seasonings folded into hamburger patties make them so tasty and juicy, you may not even need condiments and a bun.
French Onion Soup - Simple yet satisfying.
French Toast - Cheap and easy to make. Top with syrup or powdered sugar.
Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake like a popular cheesecake restaurant's - Creamy banana cheesecake atop a vanilla cookie crust.
Fresh Broccoli Salad - Broccoli, bacon, raisins, and onion in a tangy, creamy dressing.
Fresh Roasted Tomato Sauce - Fresh tomatoes, roasted, then prepared into a simple sauce to top your favorite pasta.
Fresh Salsa - Quick and easy with the zing of jalapeños.
Fresh Tomato Salsa - Serve with tortilla chips and Margaritas.
Fried Apples like Cracker Barrel's® - Bacon grease is their secret ingredient.
Fried Mozzarella like The Olive Garden's® - Simply delicious dipped in marinara sauce!
Fried Rice - Choose from a variety of meats and vegetables, or just make it plain!
Fried Shrimp like Sizzler's® - Succulent and crisp, serve with cocktail sauce.
Frosted Cookie-Cutter Sugar Cookies - Perfect to make shaped, decorated cookies for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and any season or holiday.
Frosties like Wendy's® - Chocolate milkshake identical to the restaurants'.
Frozen Daiquiris - Make it traditional (lime flavored), or try out the variations for strawberry, banana, melon, pineapple, and peach.
Frozen Peanut Butter Pizza Pie - Cold dessert made with a peanut butter cookie crust and topped with chocolate and peanut butter.
Fruit Punch - Easy, tasty, and classy. Makes enough for a crowd.
Fruit Salad Body Mask - Softens and exfoliates the skin, leaving you feeling cool and clean.
Fruit Salad with Champagne Sauce - Elegant accompaniment suitable for any brunch.
Fruited Curry Cheese Spread - Serve with a variety of crackers.
Fuzzy Navel Sangria - A light and sweet variation from tradition, using white wine, peaches, and oranges.
Funnel Cakes - A favorite food at fairs and carnivals, now you can make them at home in the off-season.

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