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Date Pudding - Not really a pudding - more like a pie.
Death by Chocolate - Brownie base with coffee flavor, chocolate mousse or pudding, toffee candy, and whipped cream. Mmm!
Deb's Red Beans & Rice - Cajun dish made with Kielbasa, rice, kidney beans, and tomatoes.
Deep-Fried Ice Cream like El Torito's - Unique way to serve ice cream.
Deli Potato Salad - Eggs, apples, and deli meat make this a creative version of the traditional recipe.
Dessert Pizza - Uses your favorite pie filling as topping.
Deviled Eggs - Traditional and simple, always a favorite.
Dijon Mushroom Potatoes - Low fat tangy sauce to pour over split baked potatoes.
Dirt Pudding - Layers of sweet vanilla cream and crumbly cookies. Make it cute by serving it in a flower pot and garnishing with gummie worms.
Dog Food - Chocolate and peanut butter over Chex cereal, coated with powdered sugar. This is a great snack for road trips, camping trips, etc. (For human consumption only.)
Double Chocolate Cookies - Chocolate lover's rejoice! These cocoa cookies are filled with chips for a double dose of chocolate.
Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake like Cracker Barrel's - Rich, delectable cake with Coke and plenty of chocolate, topped with an icing of more Coke and chocolate
Dreamsicle - Mixed drink with vodka, triple sec, orange juice, and cream served on ice. Tastes similar to the popular popsicle.
Dried Beef Gravy (S.O.S.) - Otherwise known as S**t On A Shingle or Same Old S**t.
Drop Biscuits - Fast and full of buttery taste.
Drunken Sweet Potatoes - Sweet Southern side dish with the added taste of Jack Daniel's Whiskey.
Dump Cake - It doesn't get any easier than this! Made with yellow cake mix, pineapple, and cherries.
Dump Cake II - Another easy recipe using white cake mix, pineapple, peaches, and raisins. Just dump it in the pan and bake!

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