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The dozens of recipe request I received daily prompted me to share my searching methods with you.
Over 75% of the recipe requests I receive are found by a simple Google search.
Follow my search tips and, if the recipe you are looking for is on the Internet, you will find it.

First and foremost, search my site just in case you didn't see what you were looking for.

Search Robbie's Web Site

Always start your search with what you are looking for: the word "recipe".

Be specific. The most helpful search term I use is a phrase in quotes (see example below).
This is perfect for the name of a dish or the restaurant name (if it is a copycat recipe).

Spell words correctly. Some search engines correct your search if they detect a misspelling.
If you have search words in quotes, the search engine cannot correct spelling errors.

The more words you use, the fewer results you will receive, but they should be closer to
what you are looking for. I start with the most search terms, then if I'm not finding what
I want, I start searching without the specifics.

Recipe Search Examples:
If you have the recipe's name, search for the name: recipe "deviled eggs"
recipe "Olive Garden" alfredo
If you only know a few of the ingredients:
(for restaurant copycats, go to their web site and look at the menu to get a few key ingredients)
recipe eggs mayonnaise paprika
recipe sauce cream parmesan garlic
If you know how it's prepared, add those words: recipe boiled eggs mayonnaise

If you still aren't confident about searching properly, please use Google's Advanced Search page.

A Note About Restaurant & Brand Name Recipes
Please understand that most copycat recipes that have been requested of me are not in existence outside of their originating establishment. Many food manufacturers use artificial flavors and additives that simply can't be imitated in the home kitchen (a great example is the scampi flavored powder Red Lobster is said to use in their Shrimp Scampi Butter and also in the Garlic Cheddar Biscuits). Many other requests are for dishes new to restaurants; it takes time for people to develop copycat recipes and for those recipes to show up on search engines. Your best bet for finding out the ingredients to these recipes is to ask your sever at the restaurant, explaining you have food allergies and need to know what's in it; the rest is up to you.

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