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Cabbage Rolls - Mixture of beef, pork, rice, and seasonings wrapped in cabbage and baked with sauerkraut and tomato soup, topped with bacon.
Cabbage Rolls II - This is an old Hungarian dish - a wonderful, unique family favorite. Delicious served with mashed potatoes and some of the liquid spooned over them as a gravy.
Caesar Salad Dressing - You'll never buy bottled creamy Caesar dressing again!
Cajun Blackening Spice - Ready to kick it up a notch?! Perfect for blackened chicken or fish.
Cajun Style Pasta - Garlic shrimp and chicken in a creamy Cajun sauce with vegetables. Low fat!
California Oil Sauce - Perfect for dipping crusty bread or as an alternative to a tomato sauce on pizza.
California Salad Dressing - Simple creamy dressing for leaf or pasta salads.
Candied Sweet Potatoes - Very easy, very sweet. Serve this with your holiday dinner.
Cappuccino Torte - Flavored with coffee, Kahlua, and chocolate.
Caramel Corn - Classic candied popcorn treat. Makes a great gift when given in a tin.
Carolina BBQ Rub - Use as a dry rub on beef, chicken, lamb or pork.
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - Traditional moist, sweet carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting..
Chardonnay Mushrooms like Applebee's® - In 10 minutes, you can make the delectable steak topper.
Cheddar Biscuits like Red Lobster's® - Garlic and cheddar make a flavorful addition to basic biscuits.
Cheerio® Bars - Cereal on the go with added nutrients and flavor from peanut butter.
Cheesecake like Red Lobster's® - Baked cheesecake with a cookie crust.
Cheese Calzones - If you've never had a calzone, it's like a pizza folded in half.
Cheese Chicken Tortilla Soup like Applebee's® - Spicy soup with chicken, cheese, and vegetables is topped with crispy tortilla strips.
Cheese Stuffed Shells - Easy and low fat (if you use skim milk products). Can be frozen and re-heated.
Cheesy Garlic Bread like Black Angus’s® - I've used this recipe for ten years or so, and guests always love it. It really adds class to any plate of pasta and sauce.
Cheesy Lima Bean Casserole - Flavorful cheese sauce over lima beans.
Cheesy Pet Biscuits - Make your cat or dog these tasty treats at home!
Cheesy Veggie Casserole - Vegetables baked in a creamy, sauce and topped with cheese and crunchy crushed-up crackers.
Chicago Style Pizza - Topped with cheese, six types of meat, and vegetables, this is a supreme pizza!
Chicken & Rice Bake - One-dish dinner is easy and tasteful.
Chicken Breasts With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Fettuccini - Very low in fat and calories, this chicken in sauce with pasta will become a favorite fast meal.
Chicken Bryan like Carrabba's® - Grilled chicken breast topped with caprino cheese and sun-dried tomato, basil, and lemon butter sauce.
Chicken Curry - Aromatic Indian chicken dish is a sure way to please.
Chicken Enchiladas - Chicken, cheese, and all the fixins' wrapped in tortillas and baked in a Mexican sauce.
Chicken Flavor Stuffing like Stove Top® - Ran out on a holiday and the stores are closed? Or just want to save money? Either way, this recipe is as close as it gets!
Chicken Francese like Sbarro's® - Fast and tasty Italian meal.
Chicken in Soothing Lettuce Wraps like P.F. Chang’s® - After I saw numerous requests for this on message boards, I had to see what the fuss was all about.
Chicken Kebabs - This low-fat Turkish meal is rarely served the way it should be in the U.S. Try this version for a more authentic meal.
Chicken Marsala like Carrabba's® - Sautéed chicken in a savory sauce of mushrooms, prosciutto, shallots, garlic and marsala wine.
Chicken Nuggets like McDonald's® - Dip in barbeque, sweet-and-sour, or honey mustard sauce.
Chicken Pot Pie - Classic savory meat pie with plenty of vegetables and a delicious sauce. The left-overs are almost better than the first time around!
Chicken Quesadilla - Ready in under 1/2 an hour, this zesty, cheesy finger food is great as a snack or a meal!
Chicken Quesadillas like Ruby Tuesday's® - Marinated chicken, cheese and all the toppings between two flour tortillas.
Chicken Pasta Salad - Marinated grilled chicken with flavorful pasta tossed with a variety of vegetables and ranch dressing.
Chicken Soup - There's nothing better than homemade chicken soup! Make with rice or noodles.
Chicken Stuffed Shells - Simple, cheap, and easy meal.
Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce. Serve with rice and/or warm pita bread.
Chicken Tortilla Soup like Max & Erma's® - I’ve seen the other recipes out there in the Web, but once I tasted this soup in the restaurant, I knew what was in it and knew those recipes were wrong! This is so much simpler and, I guarantee, closer to the original taste.
Chile-Cheese Chowder - Chilies, cheeses, potatoes, and much more make this a tasty, low fat meal.
Chili - Basic chili recipe with tons of flavor.
Chili Con Queso - Smooth, creamy Mexican cheese dip.
Chile Con Queso like Carlos O'Kelly's® - This dip is so smooth and mild with a delightful Tex-Mex flavor that even the most tender-tongue will lick the bowl clean!
Chili like Wendy's® - Quick and easy recipe takes under an hour to reproduce that famous chili.
Chinese Stir-Fried Potatoes - Marinated potatoes stir-fried in a slightly sweet brown Oriental sauce.
Chipotle Lime Butter - Place a slice on a hot grilled steak, chicken breast, or fish fillet. Slather over corn on the cob. Spread on cornbread. Melt into a split baked potato.
Chocolate Bourbon Pie - Famous pie from Kentucky.
Chocolate Candy Cheesecake - Relatively low in fat for such a rich dessert.
Chocolate Cherry Layer Cake - Very low in fat!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake - Chocolate cookie crust, rich cheesecake, and delightful cookie dough make this dessert sinfully irresistible.
Chocolate Dream like Carrabba's® - A rich fudge brownie brushed with Kahlua, crowned with chocolate mousse, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. Called Sogno di Cioccolata on the menu.
Chocolate Mint Cream Pie with Brownie Crust - Creamy, minty, chocolaty filling over a chewy brownie pie crust.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars - Makes the ultimate Rice Crispies® Treats! Can also be made with All Bran® for a healthier treat.
Chocolate Scotcheroos - Peanut butter Rice Crispies® treats topped with a chocolate and butterscotch candy.
Chocolate Sheet Cake - Traditional birthday cake in my family for years. Very rich and moist.
Chutney Chicken Salad - Use as a sandwich filling or serve on top of a bed of greens. Low fat!
Cilantro Vegetable Soup - If you're a cilantro lover like I am, this sweet and zesty soup will warm you on a cold winter evening.
Cinnamon Honey Wings - Marinated, grilled, and slightly sweet.
Cinnamon Rolls like Cinnabon's® - Heavenly sweet rolls.
City "Chicken" - This recipe originated during the 1930's, when chicken was expensive and hard to come by in the cities. These mock chicken legs became a favorite.
Clam Chowder like Red Lobster's® - Creamy New England clam chowder is low fat and freezes well for later use.
Cocktail Sauce - Serve with your favorite seafood.
Coconut Cream Cheesecake like a popular cheesecake restaurant's - Creamy coconut cheesecake is a wonderful alternative to the usual.
Coconut Shrimp with Pina Colada Sauce like Red Lobster's® - Shrimp coated in a coconut batter and coconut flakes, served with a sweet coconut and pineapple sauce.
Cod Grilled in Foil - This easy clean-up recipe makes succulent cod with onions, butter, and spices.
Cole Slaw like Hard Rock Cafe's® - Sweet cole slaw.
Colorado Bulldog - Mixed drink with vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, and a splash of Coke® served over ice.
Coney Dog Chili - Serve over hot dogs for a Coney or spaghetti noodles for a Five Way.
Confetti Vegetables - The small, colorful pieces of cabbage, zucchini, and squash will decorate any plate.
Cooked Pizza Sauce - Fast, easy, and flavorful.
Corn Chowder - For variations, you can substitute clams for the corn to make clam chowder OR remove corn to make potato chowder. The possibilities are unlimited.
Corn Meal Mush - Slice, fry, and serve like pancakes.
Corn Muffins - Sweet cornbread with corn niblets for added texture and flavor.
Corn Salad - Corn and other fresh vegetables in a mayonnaise-based dressing, perfect for a barbecue.
Cornish Hen Dinner For Two - When dining alone or in a pair for the Holidays, a traditional meal can be overabundant and overwhelming. Try this one-dish traditional dinner instead. As an added note, when I was single, I could hook a guy in seconds with this meal. It's easy, but he doesn't know it. That's how I got my husband! And I had to prepare it in a toaster oven in a dorm!
Cosmo-Tini - Mixed drink with Absolut Citron®, Cointreau®, and cranberry juice served up or on the rocks. Also called a Cosmopolitan.
Country Fried Steak like Shoney's® - Crispy fried steaks smothered in thick, rich country gravy.
Couscous Salad - Chilled salad with an array of ingredients.
Cozze in Bianco like Carrabba's® - Mussels sautéed in white wine, olive oil, onion, garlic, lemon and basil.
Crab Alfredo - Creamy Alfredo sauce over pasta topped with crab meat.
Crab Au Gratin - Au gratin is a classic dish that is loved by all. Use a wonderful sweet sherry, a sharp cheddar cheese, and your favorite crab meat.
Crab Cakes - Seasoned patties of succulent crab meat.
Crab Cakes like Joe's Crab Shack's® - Serve by themselves or on a sandwich!
Crab Fritters with Lemon Mayonnaise - Confidently, the best crab fritters that will ever reach your pallet.
Crab Rangoon - Creamy crab filling in a crispy fried wonton wrapper.
Crab Rangoon II - Serve with sweet'n'sour or soy sauce for dippin'.
Cranberry Peach Sangria - Made with red or white wine, the cranberries and peaches make this drink perfect for a Thanksgiving toast!
Cream Cheese & Ham Ball - Everyone who has ever tasted this has asked for the recipe, then they bring it to all the parties! I usually double it, or end up wishing I had!
Cream Cheese Pound Cake - Dense, rich pound cake. Close to the classic, but made with cream cheese for a creamier texture.
Cream Horns - These may take time, but they make a delectable dessert.
Cream of Broccoli Soup - Rich and creamy, with a bit of ham.
Cream of Mushroom Soup - Rich and creamy, this quick soup is hearty enough to make a meal.
Cream of Potato Soup - One of the most popular recipes on this site, I can see why. It's an easy, inexpensive, and hearty meal.
Cream of Vegetable Soup like Dixie Stampede's® - No need for a spoon! Just drink from the bowl!
Creamed Spinach - For those of you who think you don't like spinach, try this. I think you'll like it.
Creamed Tuna - Very easy, very tasty; you probably have the ingredients in your cabinet now.
Creamy Onion Soup like The Outback's® - Thick and cheesy - sure to stick to your ribs.
Creamy Rice Pudding - Traditional and healthful side dish or dessert made with plump, juicy raisins and a hint of spice.
Creamy Scalloped Potatoes - Easy and inexpensive. You probably have all ingredients on hand.
Creamy Spiced Eggplant Soup - Roasted eggplant pureed with caramelized onions and garlic, then blended into a creamy broth with a Middle Eastern taste.
Creamy Tomato Pasta - Cream cheese and wine make this a unique pasta dish.
Creamy Vegetable Pasta Salad - I love to entertain in my yard and this is the first dish to go.
Crème Brûlée - A French custard with a crust of caramelized sugar and a hint of orange. If you do not have a kitchen torch, simply place the custard under the broiler for a few minutes.
Crème De Menthe Squares - Layers of chocolate graham cracker crust, creamy mint, and smooth chocolate make great gifts wrapped in green cellophane.
Crispy Baked Fish - Ready in 25 minutes, this works well with all white fish.
Crock Pot Chili - Easy recipe takes 15 minutes to prepare, then simmers in a crock pot until you're ready to eat.
Curried Cauliflower - Low fat and flavorful side dish.
Curry Chicken - This is a simplified, fast version of the recipe, but none of the wonderful flavor and aroma are lost. Serve with naan bread if you can find it.

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