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Fettuccine Alfredo
like Olive Garden's
Very easy, rich, and creamy! Add sliced, grilled
chicken or grilled shrimp, if desired!

Prep. Time: 0:35
Serves: 4-6

1/2 cup real butter
1 pint (2 cups / 16 fl. oz.) heavy whipping cream
1 tsp. garlic powder
salt and pepper - to taste
1 dash cayenne pepper
2/3 cup fresh grated Parmesan OR Romano cheese
1 lb. box fettuccine noodles - prepared as directed
chopped fresh parsley - for garnish, optional

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-In a 2-quart saucepan over medium-low heat, melt butter; add cream, garlic powder, and salt and peppers; simmer for 20-30 minutes, stirring constantly, until thick.
-Remove sauce from heat and stir in cheese. Do not heat sauce after cheese has been added.
-Serve sauce over hot fettuccine noodles and sprinkle with parsley, if desired.

Though you can’t rush this sauce, if it seems to be taking too long to thicken, stir in up to 1/4 cup cream cheese. Make sure your Parmesan or Romano is grated and not shredded; it won't melt properly if shredded. Do not use Kraft® Grated Parmesan in the canister; your Alfredo won't taste right. Either grate your own or buy the stuff from the deli. This dish cannot be reheated or made ahead of time; the sauce will separate and appear greasy and curdled (sorry!).

Make It A Meal: Serve with a salad topped with Salad Dressing like The Olive Garden's®

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  • as a member of the Olive Garden Culinary staff I can help out with this one. Instead of cayenne use coarse ground black pepper. Use minced garlic instead of the powdered garlic. Any either cheese will work but try to stay away from the large grate...we use fine ground NON-FRESH bagged parm. the key to making the sauce as we do is to heat the sauce with all the ingredients to 185 degrees for one minute. there ya have it.

  • I loved your recipe, it was the best Alfredo sauce ever. I followed exactly as it says and the pasta was delicious.

  • This is a wonderful recipe that I've used for years. My aunt used to warm the cream and just toss everything with the hot pasta. Heavy whipping cream will also give you a thicker sauce but nothing is lost using Fat Free Half & Half. The sauce will thicken if you let it cool slightly. Try sauting fresh broccoli crowns in butter and minced garlic and serving on top of the pasta. Great meatless meal.

  • This is the best recipe for Alfredo ever! I upped the Parmesan to a whole cup, and added 1/4 cup of cream cheese for thickening, and it was fantastic! I've given your website out to everyone I know! Thanx sooo much!

  • I followed this recipe exactly, and it was the best thing I have ever made! I got so many compliments on it from my family. My grandpa had never had fettuccini alfredo before, and LOVED it. The sauce just melts in your mouth, and as my mom said, "food noises!" I can't wait to make it again!

  • The sauce will thicken up at about 30 minutes really quick so you just have to wait, its perfect

  • This recipes is awesome. I wanted a pasta dish and this was perfect.

  • Aloha, I followed your exact recipe but I didn't need to use the cream cheese. It thickened at about 15 minutes into stirring. It was sooooo delicious. I am hooked on this recipe.

  • Amazing recipe! I did try the 8 oz of Cream cheese and I think I'm only going to go with 4 oz next time. I added Shrimp and Spinach to the final mixture but cooked in 1lb of Mushrooms for the final 10 minutes of the sauce (after I sauteed them in Olive Oil) Awesome!

  • If you don't try another recipe from this site, TRY THIS ONE. It is easy (be patient), and you can makes TONS of dishes with the sauce...everything from shrimp to chicken to a seafood blend of crab, shrimp and scallops. If you are single and looking for a mate, make this sauce, add one or more of the above, and then propose. He/She will say yes based on your cooking alone. OUTSTANDING.

  • Well I forgot to get heavy cream for the recipe so I substituted with milk mixed with melted butter (a subs. recipe found on another site). I did add the cream cheese in there also. This was DELICIOUS! This recipe is definitely a keeper, everyone in my family opted for seconds!

  • This is really good. You just have to be patient with the sauce, it will thicken up in 30 min or so. I also used a wire whisk and my 7 year old stood there for 1/2 an hour and stirred it. We put in lobster chunks and it was really good. Even better than at olive garden, my husband said!

  • omg, thanks!!! i love olive garden's alfredo sauce soooo much and this recipe was definitely on point!!! it was delicious!

  • This was fabulous!! I used fat free half-and-half instead of the heavy whipping difference and didn't get all those calories. You have to be patient for it to thicken. Twenty minutes in to it (right before my pasta was done), I turned the cream mixture up higher and let it bubble instantly became thick and got even thicken when I added the parm. cheese. Definitely try this recipe...very delicious!

  • delicious. i added the cream cheese..the white sauce and the nutmeg at it was identical to the olive garden one!! thank u so much for this...i cant wait to eat the leftovers!!!

  • I tried this about a month ago with the cream cheese, and it was the best. My 16 year old stepson said it's better than his moms! Now THAT'S the best it gets for me because she's a great cook and he doesn't hold back on his food opinions! Thanks soooooo much. I'm making it again tonight. (Oh, and I add a cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store too.)

  • Awesome recipe. I added a dash of nutmeg & was a little heavy-handed on the cayenne. I added cubed chicken (pre-cooked in the butter) and about a cup of broccoli florets (steamed in the microwave). My husband says it was BETTER than Olive Garden's!

  • Instead of cream cheese, I added 2 tbsp. of Wondra flour and it thickened up nicely. My friends said it tasted just like the Olive Garden's. Delicious!

  • For the people who think this perfect recipe is runny, all you have to do is when you add the shredded parm. cheese (or I use the 3 blend shredded cheese), just whisk it to blend it well, turn the heat to low or even off, add the noodles and let it set for a little bit - it thickens right up!

  • Thank You Robbie! I made the Alfredo sauce and it came out perfect. It wasn't too thin or anything. I followed the recipe exactly and I didn't even add any cream cheese. I used to cook at the olive garden and even though I watched them make the Alfredo sauce, they keep it a close guarded secret... and I don't remember them putting flour in it at all, like someone else posted on a comment. Maybe they confused the grated cheeses for flour, because when it's grated real fine it looks just like flour.

  • Thank you for your recipe. This also makes a great base for a mushroom sauce. I added fresh mushrooms, celery and green onions (saute).

  • I made this recipe for dinner last night, and it is as good as everyone says it is. It is absolutely delicious. This is also a great sauce to serve over vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans.

  • Absolutely the best alfredo sauce ever. I took the advice of the other comments and added 1/2 package of cream cheese. I also took 1 tbsp of flour and mixed with a little cream and then added it to the sauce to help with the thickening process. Add a little sauteed mushrooms and shrimp, and you will be everyone's favorite chef!

  • This is a great alfredo sauce, but it's not quite like Olive Garden. It's missing a certain... something that I can't put my finger on. However, I will keep this recipe and continue to use it. For those who have trouble getting it thick - patience is a virtue. I think I actually let it simmer a bit too long, and had to add a little more cream. Also, be sure to use unsalted butter. I didn't add any extra salt, and it still came out a little saltier than I like.

  • FABULOUS!!!! You rock!! This was so wonderful! I had bought a half pint of heavy whipping cream instead of the full pint. I just cut the recipe in half. It was plent for my husband and I; we even had left-overs for the following day. The sauce was a bit runny so I just kept adding a bit more shredded parmasean cheese until I was satisfied with the consistency I had. Thank you!!

  • This Alfredo Sauce recipe is very delicious indeed! I agree with most of your readers, that adding cream cheese to thicken the sauce is the best bet. BUT ...... I have one more subtle flavor to add. The flavor I am talking about is NUTMEG. Adding just a very small dash of fresh grated nutmeg changes this recipe from great to WOW! Your friends will wonder what the hidden ingredient is that added such a nice dimension to your sauce. This is the best recipe website by far. Thanks Robbie for all of your hard work!

  • Tres bien!! I added a bit of tarragon and the flavor was out of this world! Recipe was easy and muuuuuch better than packaged alredo sauces.

  • I am NOT a good cook! But I was craving Fettucine Alfredo and knew that I'd score points with my hubby if I found a good recipe and made it for him tonight after a long day at work. I was sooooo right! This was fabulous! I browned 2 chicken breasts in butter and cut it in chunks that I added when everything was cooked and tossed together. He told me that it was the best meal he'd EVER eaten! lol I know that can't possibly be, but WOW...this was so delicious and EASY...I'll definitely be making it again and again. I'm sold on this site. Thanks so very much!

  • This recipe was absolutely delicious. I added 4 oz. of cream cheese b/c I was in a hurry and didn't have time to let it thicken on it's own. I was hoping for leftovers for my lunch but there weren't any. Definitely five stars!

  • This is the second dish from these recipes that I have made for my family. It taste delicious. The only problem that I had was that the alfredo sauce was kind of runny. Next time I will try to thicken it with flour or cornstarch and water.

  • I am a cook and that is also my recipe. for the other reader if the sauce is too runny add cream cheese or more parmesan and let cook longer, corn starch or flour will spoil the recipe.

  • If you add an 8 ounce pack of cream cheese its better than the Olive Gardens. Also if you are adding sea food such as Crab meat, shrimp, or Salmon I think 2 oz. for clam juice would round out this dish. Its so good I put it on our menu once a week and sell out each time.

  • WOW!!! Great recipe, served this for dinner tonight and everyone could not stop saying how good it was. I added minced garlic instead of powder and added grilled chicken on top next time will try something else, but with out this recipe for main ingredients could of never pulled it off , can't thank you enough Robbie.

  • I've never had Olive Garden's version, but this was outstanding. I used fat free half and half and 8 oz. fat free cream cheese and it was still yummy. It wasn't runny at all.

  • In my opinion, this is the best I've had yet.

  • I enjoyed this dish very much. My husband used to work for the olive garden, so he knows the alfredo sauce when he tastes it. I used pre-shredded parmesan cheese and put it in just before i took it off the heat and it melted fine. i also used 2 Tbls. cream cheese so it wouldn't be too thin which worked. personally i thought it had too much of a cream taste. i may next time try a little buttermilk. Good recipe, but it needs a little tweaking if you ask me.

  • It was not quite like the Olive Garden. It was very liquid, while theirs seems to be thicker. I may try adding more parmesan while it is cooking. The parmesan didn't melt in very well.

  • I've made this recipe many times, altering the ingredients several times, but it never quite tastes like the Olive Gardens. I'm not sure what it is, but something is off in this recipe. But I must say this is THE CLOSEST I've ever had to it.

  • As a variation try adding 1 tsp.sweet basil. It's a wonderful compliment to the garlic and the parmesan

  • My sister cooked at O.G. I asked her for this recipe before, and don't have it written down, but it had flour in it

  • Regarding the problem with runny sauce. What I do is add 1/2 cup of parmesan and 8 oz package of cream cheese this makes the sauce creamier and thicker if to thick add undiluted evaporated milk to thin

  • I used Fat Free Coffee Mate and regular Grated Parmesan Cheese. I also added 2 lbs medium cooked up fine and the family loved it. You can make low fat dishes that are heart healthy and have fewer calories and have all the flavor! enjoy! I love your site!

  • HI. I just used your recipe for the fettuccine alfredo. whenever my girlfriend and I go to Olive Garden she always gets this. For Valentines day i decided to try and make this for her. I found your recipe and it was a success. The sauce came out perfect. It was not runny at all. She loved and needless to say she was very grateful. Thank you Robbie!!

  • The alfredo sauce is simply divine! Must cook according to the recipe. The longer you stir and cook the thicker it gets. Fabulous everyone at my 4th picnic expressed. Thanks for sharing

  • Aloha! This is the first time I am making Alfredo Sauce. It turned out FANTASTIC! I used this recipe with the Harvest Bay Mahi Mahi recipe and it was WONDERFUL! I highly recommend this recipe! Try adding grilled chicken seasoned with garlic, onion and Cajun, sautéed mushrooms and dried or fresh cranberries. It is amazing. :)

  • Try adding grilled chicken seasoned with garlic, onion and Cajun, sautéed mushrooms and dried or fresh cranberries. It is amazing. :)

  • I love it! Better than my old recipe, and I even like it better than the Olive Garden. I sauté my chicken in olive oil, fresh minced garlic, salt and pepper, then when it is done, I remove the chicken and add wine to the pan and reduce it. I then add the chicken back in the pan an coat it in the wine sauce. Slice the chicken and arrange it on top of the fettuccine and alfredo sauce! I never have leftovers! Dang it!

  • This is the first recipe that I have made from your site and it was WONDERFUL!! It was a huge hit with everyone. I did in fact follow one of the other readers suggestion to add a whole 8oz. package of cream cheese. It helped to thicken the sauce without taking out any of the flavor intended. I was so impressed how easy it was to make and that it tasted so good that I am going to look up another recipe from your site.

  • WOW! This was such a great clone of Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce. I followed the directions, and added a touch of fresh garlic as well. I noticed that the sauce was a little thin so I added the whole block of cream cheese...perfect choice! I also added about 1/4 cup more of the parmesan and Romano, and it came out fabulous. I HIGHLY recommend this to any Olive Garden Alfredo sauce lover. Thanks so much Robbie!

  • You should have put in your recipe not to rinse the noodles. The starch makes the sauce thicker. I see some people complaining that the sauce is to thin. They must have rinsed their noodles. Maybe you can change the recipe.

  • When I made the Fettucine Alfredo I added a clove or two of fresh garlic instead of galic powder and 4 oz. of cream cheese and it was soooo yummy! Thanks!

  • If you find the sauce too thin then add some of Knorr’s white sauce mix to thicken it, make sure you bring the temperature of the sauce to 165 F so that the white sauce mix will thicken. To keep the sauce from being too grainy and also aid in melting the cheese sift the parmesan cheese through a strainer, this really makes a difference.

  • I used to work for Olive Garden. The ingredient missing in all these recipes is called "white sauce mix". It is in powder form, and is similar to corn starch. That is why all these sauces are runny.

  • This recipe was extremely easy to make and my family loved it! We did change the amount of cream cheese to 8 oz and added cooked chicken. This will definitely be a new addition to our menu list! Thanks so much.

  • This is a great recipe...I made this for x-mas dinner 2003 and everyone loved it. I added spinach to mine and it was wonderful. Would certainly make this again!

  • this recipe is fabulous. i also used an entire package of cream cheese to make it thicker. i added chicken and vegetables and it was delicious. thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  • Yummm...thank you for a perfect alfredo sauce, I had some bacon i needed to use so I cooked and crumbled it into the sauce about 10 minutes before it was done and it gave it a great bacon flavor.

  • This tasted FANTASTIC. It was a great hit at our dinner party. I was bad though and didn't serve it right away because my pasta wasn't ready so it cooled a little and some might say it was.... thick? But had I been better at timing things it would have been perfect. I used table cream and I'll use a little more of it next time to keep it thinner.

  • I tried this out with a few tweaks of my own and it turned out great. I've never made alfredo before, but with this and a few other helpful hints from other recipes it turned out great. I agree with the 8 oz of cream cheese. I used 1 1/4 c parmesan cheese, added 1/4 tsp sugar, 2 dashes of nutmeg, lessoned the garlic to 1/4 tsp minced garlic and a dash of garlic salt. My husband ran to the store the next day to stock up on the ingredients so I'll make it again immediately. Yum Yum! : )

  • Followed your directions exactly although I may have put closer to 1 cup of freshly grated Romano. Used Heavy Cream. Was perfect. I think the key is to let simmer for the full 30 minutes before adding the cheese.

  • First of all the recipe is fabulous, however I took some of the other people's suggestions. I used the recipe and put 2 dashes of cayenne pepper, 2 tbls of cream cheese, and I used half of a packet of regular Alfredo sauce from Krogers. And I think the main thing that kept it tasting great was keeping the sauce on med-low heat and I had my boyfriend literally stir it the whole 30 minutes. I added grilled chicken with seasonings on it and the dish was delicious. Both my mom and boyfriend agreed it was an exact replica of Olive Garden's!

  • This was the first time I tried to make alfredo sauce and the recipe was easy to follow and very easy to make. It turned out perfect and was delicious!!! Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for the great recipe of alfredo sauce it was delicious. Keep the great recipe's coming they're great.

  • I have been making that Olive Garden fettucine for years, but with one difference. I usually use a half a package of cream cheese, and that really gives a thickness I like.

  • I read some of the comments and added 8 oz of cream cheese which thickened it up but next time I think I will only add 4 oz. I also added a head of roasted garlic and lots of SHRIMP. I loved every bit of it!

  • This sauce is exactly right! Thanks!

  • This recipe was terrific. I made it with my seven year-old son for a class assignment and he found it easy to follow and delicious to eat. I did follow some of the other reader's suggestions and added more parmesan, cooked it a little longer and didn't rinse the pasta in order to increase the thickness. We also added sautéed mushrooms to the mix. This is something we will be including as a family meal from now on.

  • This recipe is delicious. Prior to adding the heavy cream, I cooked up some diced onion with bacon. I f you have the time, cook over a low heat for 45 minutes and it will thicken up just fine on it's own. I've tried it with chicken as well as shrimp and my family cannot seem to get enough of this sauce, I have to double the recipe! Thanks for such an easy tasty recipe

  • If you really want to add kick and flavor to your fettuccini Alfredo, In a separate skillet, cook small chunks of chicken breast, with a tablespoon of butter and drizzle with Italian dressing, when chicken is almost done, add one can of mushrooms, and one diced tomato, season with Italian seasoning and garlic salt. Add this mixture to your fettuccine alfredo, it is awesome.

  • I made your Alfredo sauce. Everyone wants this recipe!!! I went on the internet and tried three different ones. Yours was the best by far!

  • If you use fresh grated parmesan cheese, already in the refrigerated section, you will not have to wait long for the sauce to thicken, you will also not need a separate thickener. I suggest unsalted butter to cut back on the salt, if you'd like. It also doesn't need cayenne pepper or garlic powder. It is simple & delicious!

  • WOW!!!! I was looking on the web site to the olive garden and it had a arecipe that had eggs and no butter, I was like no way. So then I found this one I tried it and added 4oz of cream cheese because of thickness and it is exactly like the one from olive garden, I am so impressed! Anyone who is a cheese lover should try this..DEFINATELY!

  • I made this chicken alfredo sauce and put it over noodles and added steamed brocolli to it as well. It tasted just like the Olive Gardens. I always go to the olive Garden for the soup zacanna (sorry dont know how to spell it) and i can't belive i can make both right at home. Thanks for your time and submitting these recipes.

  • Hey !! Let me tell you something. I never tried to do any type of pasta and I decided to do this recipe .. And you know what.. It came out sooooo good!!!!... thank you sooo much!! Really my boyfriend and my 3 year old loved it.

  • I think this is a great recipe! The cheese didn't melt all the way but it was fine. I added all the cream cheese and 2 cloves of minced garlic. We also had some grilled chicken with it.

  • This was absolutey phenominal.i threw in some shrimp and I have to say this is one of the best home made meals i have made in a long time. Thank you.

  • This is a great recipe! I made it for my family and they just loved it!! My husband said I was really becoming a wonderful cook!

  • I get the fettucini alfredo every time I go to Olive Garden. I followed the recipe but substituted fresh garlic, and it tasted EXACTLY like the stuff from Olive Garden. I was very pleasantly surprised!

  • I used Kraft and it tasted exactly the same!

  • I use egg yolks insteed of butter in this my alfredo recipe. It trumps butter. Dash of nutmeg and fresh cracked pepper and you have a fantastic alfredo sauce. 2 egg yolks per 16 oz. of heavy cream. This sauce takes time so be patient and let the magic happen before your eyes. Keep some fresh bread handy for taste testing throughout the process. Yummy.

  • great recipe! awesome! The BEST! Super SIMPLE!

  • Loved this recipe! The fettucini alfredo is the only thing i get when my husband and i go to olive garden, and now we don't even need to go because this recipe is soooo easy and just like the restaurant's! thank you!

  • i trid this recipe several times and loved it.tastes like the real thing.One thing i noticed is when you grate your own cheese it tends to melt better then pregrated containers you find in the fine cheese section of your grocery store.also i liked the dry alfrado packet better then the cream cheese.good recipe though.

  • I love this recipe!!!! I read everyone's comments before making it and decided to make sure I simmered the sauce long enough for it to thicken. My husband wants it again just 2 days later!! No need to add the cream cheese!!!

  • Hey I have been cooking for a long time. I am just a kid but I've been cooking with Itallin for the longest. My favorite is Shrimp Scampi but once I tasted this it was like heavn thanks good recipie.

  • I love your recipe!The sauce came out great!While making the sauce used a cup of parmesan and cooked the sauce for 40 mins.Who ever said that adding a dash nutmeg makes the sauce even more delicious was right!The only time I will go back to olive garden is when I dont feel like cooking.

  • I just made this sauce yesterday! I've never made any sauce before, and I don't cook often. I followed the recipe exactly, and it turned out extraordinary! Thanks for the great recipe!

  • OK, I'm a self proclaimed "born skeptic". When I read this recipe and some of the comments I was leery about the authenticity. So to other skeptics I offer the following: THIS RECIPE IS FANTABULOUS!! I've tried other recipes for Alfredo and none of them ever came close to the OG. I've tried various sauces from a jar and none ever came close to the OG. But THIS RECIPE IS ON POINT! Very simple to prepare and very good. The recipe instructions are accurate and translate well into the execution. I used a little cream cheese to thicken up the sauce. Be sure to serve it as soon as it's done and tossed. I tossed in some grilled chicken chunks and the family LOVED it! My wife usually does the cooking and she was impressed. Next time I'll toss in some fresh broccoli crowns. Kudos to this website. I'm a believer now!

  • this was my first time making it- and i looked at everyone's feedback to ensure the taste and quality. i dunno, it seems like the sauce is missing something still. nevertheless i enjoyed it, just next time im'a do some more research to find that thing thats really gonna give it some flavor!!

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