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Fresh Broccoli Salad

Submitted By: Mary Beth Bullock
Serves: 6-10
Prep. Time:

2-3 sm. bunches fresh broccoli - cut in bite-size pieces
10 slices bacon - cooked, crumbled
2/3 cup raisins
1 sm. red onion - chopped
1 cup real mayonnaise
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 Tbls. red wine vinegar

-Toss together broccoli, bacon, raisins, and onion in a large bowl; set aside.
-In a separate bowl, beat together mayonnaise, sugar, and vinegar.
-Pour prepared dressing over salad and toss to coat.
-Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving, tossing occasionally.

Make it easy,
Make it fast,
Use canned bacon!
Canned Bacon, Ready to Eat


  • Substitute 1/2 - 3/4 cup sliced almonds for onion.

  • Add 1 cup frozen peas and 1 cup sunflower seeds.

  • Substitute 6 oz. grated mozzarella cheese for raisins.

Make It A Meal: Serve with Potato Salad and French Onion Hamburgers  

4 Visitor Comments About This Recipe Submit Yours Below!
  • I made this to take to work and everyone loved it. I added grapes to the recipe, as I'd heard that was good.

  • I have used this with Turkey Bacon and no one noticed the difference.

  • I made this recipe and to save time I cut the bacon in bite size pieces before cooking. It speeds up cooking time and having to crumble. I also used apple cider vinegar since I did not have the red wine vinegar. Very tasty!!!

  • A great way to save some time with this recipe is to use the already prepared bacon you can find in most grocery stores today. You just need to microwave it for a few more seconds than the package says so that is crispy enough to crumble. Delicious salad!

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