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Rainbow Charms Marshmallows

Almost Orange Julius®
Cool, creamy orange smoothie drink.

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Recipe Created By: Robbie
Prep. Time: 0:15
Serves: 2

6 oz. can frozen concentrated orange juice
1 cup milk - low-fat okay
1 cup water
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
8 ice cubes

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-Pour all ingredients, except ice cubes, in a blender.
-Blend, adding ice cubes one at a time, until smooth

Visitor Comments

  • Your recipe for Orange Julius is wonderful.  Thank you I did a Yahoo search especially for this recipe, so this is my first visit.  I will be visiting often.  Thank you for your hard work. Maggie

  • OK, I'm now addicted to this recipe! Hope everyone tries it soon!!!

  • Thanks for the recipe you can substitute soy milk gals

  • I learned this recipe in a home economics class, but had lost it. When I found this one, it was just like the one I loved from school!

  • These were very easy to make and wonderful. My family loves them. No sooner did we get a batch made and the kids were asking for more. They sucked it right down. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Deeelicious! We use two cups of fresh strawberries, instead of orange juice; and one cup of vanilla/orange swirl ice cream, instead of milk. Thank you for the refreshing drink recipe.

  • I Like it a bit more with honey instead of sugar- about 2 tablespoons- give it a try!

  • This is EXACTLY like the original! I use Splenda instead of sugar. Thank you!

  • You can make it without sugar and it still tastes good. Also Put some vodka or Blue UV and it tastes even better

  • This tastes just like the kind at the mall! My husband went crazy and my 18 month old drank it down like candy!

  • MMM..just like I remembered them. After moving to the UK, I really missed these! Found your recipe site today and this is the first recipe I tried. Big hit with me and my 18 month daughter! I made a second batch lowering the amount of milk and adding live bio yogurt.

  • Delicious! I am a foods teacher and I use this recipe in the beginning of all my trimesters the kids love it!

  • I've used 1/4 cup powdered milk and you get a similar result for the Orange Julius.

  • What a great recipe! I actually substituted 2 ounces of the orange juice concentrate with pina colada mix, and it tasted so good!

  • i'm only 12 and not very good at recipes but this one is a cinch!

  • I convinced someone who worked at an Orange Julius to tell me what that 'secret white powder' was that they added to just about every drink. Incredible finely ground coconut was the secret all along. After hearing what the powder was, it almost made sense that it was in their drinks. How to obtain any, other than knocking over an Orange Julius stand, is beyond me. But for those of you with good food processors out there, the challenge is passed to you.

  • Your recipe for the orange julius is the bizomb - I mean for shizzle, dizzle!

  • I had a friend who worked at orange julius and she informed me that the powder in question is coconut powder, also she told me they use powdered sugar, not granulated sugar.

  • This was the best julius recipe ever! Especially with addition of strawberries. I definitely like it better than the "Orange Julius" stores! Thanx for your recipe!

  • This is delicious! Far better than regular orange juice, and so easy to make.

  • So delicious and easy! The kids love it! If you want that subtle coconut taste like the original, add a tiny dash of coconut extract.

  • After reading the comments on coconut powder, I tried using coconut milk. Coconut powder or coconut milk in tin cans are readily available in Asian food stores. It turned out wonderful. This ingredient gave it that unique aroma. Additionally, I used sweetened condensed milk in place of sugar. I recommend more than just 8 ice cubes. Better just substitute all of the water with ice and blend to the desired texture. Throw in some banana, strawberry, raspberry, etc, into the mix, lovely.

  • I used splenda instead of sugar but still its great my kids love and ask me to make more for them.

  • if your want to add the coconut just use a coffee grounder it works awsum

  • I have been using this recipe for some time and everyone I make it for really enjoys it. The only thing I change is I add 3 egg whites and then blend and it makes the drink frothy like the original.

  • Getting ready for a hurricane here in Florida and exhausted from cutting/hanging plywood. Thought how great it would be to have an Orange Julius about now. Found your site -- had the ingredients -- mixed them up -- WONDERFUL! My husband, daughter and I practically inhaled them! So refreshing! Thanx so much. We're ready to tackle the rest of our preparations now...

  • i found your site through google, and my son (19mon) loves the drink. a good way to get him to drink his milk and get all his vitamins. I just took out the sugar so he is not all hyper. thanks again.

  • This taste just like the real one... but at home!

  • just for the record... the secret powder is nothing more then powdered sugar i use it all the time. also her is my recipe for that i changed alitte: 3cups tropicana orange juice (others wont taste the same), 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 2tablespoons powder sugar. mix in blender and make 2 16 oz glasses

  • I tried it with Orange, and it was the same as I remember it. I'm now trying different juices to mix in with it. Fruit Punch is tastes awesome.

  • I loved this recipe!!! I tried a first batch of the recipe and liked it so much I was inspired to create my own flavor! The second batch I add about 1/4 cup of So Cal Strawberry Daiquiri Mix and blended it into the original recipe. For the third batch I added 1/4 cup of the strawberry mix and a whole banana. I loved all three but I loved the third concoction the best!!!! I would also recommend to use more ice cubes. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  • You can find the powdered coconut milk in some Asian or Thai markets. I had bought it for about 85 cents. It is a product of Thailand. It comes in a small can about the size of a tuna fish can. It is great to use in lots of other stuff too.

  • That was the best Orange Julius recipe! Thank you. I substituted a half cup of coconut milk for half of the milk and it was delicious.

  • This recipe was fantastic. I also added 1 Tsp. of Coconut extract as well and it made it taste delicious! Very similar to the real thing! I will definitely make this often. Thank you!

  • I actually ran out of vanilla extract, but I had some vanilla pudding mix in my cupboard. Believe it or not, when you use the pudding mix instead, it turns out a lot better, in my opinion. It has a creamier texture with all the taste. I'd recommend trying this if you haven't already.

  • I thought this made the perfect party drink, especially with a slice of pineapple on the side! It's perfect!

  • This is such a great recipe, I learned it in school, and lost it! I came here and this one rocks. Just so every one knows you can have any type of frozen juice, and it works. You may have to add more sugar though. Also to make it bigger just add more ice cubes!

  • They are awe full... awfully delicious! Thanks for the recipe I LOVE this quick, great, and simple way to enjoy my favorite orange Julius!

  • I was thrilled to find this exact recipe. I remembered the ingredients, but could never remember how much. This was a recipe given to me by my home economics teacher in the 7th grade. I'm now 8 months pregnant and craved Orange Julius all of a sudden and was thrilled to find the same recipe 13 years later!!! Thank you so much!

  • This is the best I have ever tried. Thank you for posting this!! J I will be back for more.

  • VERY GOOD this was quick and easy... i know i will be making them a lot

  • I've tried a number of your recipes that are WONDERFUL . . . but the Orange Julius doesn't taste like the original to us at all. Sorry!

  • I made Orange Julius’s today for my 6 kids, using your recipe--but put some meringue powder(for frosting making) into the blender with the other ingredients. It was AWESOME! Give it a try.

  • The "secret ingredient" for the Orange Julius is not powdered's powdered milk and egg. The CACP (coconut almond cream powder) is used in the Orange Julius smoothies such as Tripleberry and Pina colada. Ahh...the benefits of 7 years at Dairy Queen/Orange Julius!

  • I like to add frozen pineapple chunks (canned: Rinse under cold running water. Put chunks in a single layer into a freezer bag & Freeze. I use 1/2 milk & 1/2 Vanilla Yogurt. Then, 1/2 pineapple chunks (frozen) & 1/2 frozen orange juice. Ice cubes until thick. Adjust flavor if necessary, to get an even taste of both. NO WATER OR SUGAR.

  • For a healthy version try two whole oranges, peeled; handful of icecubes; 1 cup rice milk; 2 TBS raw honey (I also made it with one orange and substituted fresh pineapple for the other orange). Blend in blender and YUM - reminds me of the Orange Julius' I had as a kid.

  • Thnx for the recipe. I changed it a little using 4 ice cubes, chocolate protein powder instead of sugar and Onrange juice instead of frozen. It came out pretty good. Thnx again.

  • I have always love the taste of this drink . I always add a little more vanilla . i hope u like it to

  • awsom recipe, I used splenda instead of sugar and was great, thanx, Brian

  • I have 3 children who love your Orange Julius! I can not get them to drink regular orange juice but when i make your Orange Julius they always ask for more. The whole family loves it. I want to thank you for putting your recipes on the internet for people like me looking for something all my children will like. It is a wonderful recipe. It's people like you that make my life a little easier when it comes to fixing things that my children love. Thank You

  • I live in Moses Lake and there is not a place here where you can buy and Orange Julius. This morning i was craving one so I typed it in on looked at a few other ones and they were so confusing then i saw yours and it made sense and it taste great thank you so much.

  • YUMMY! I loved these! we added 1/2 a banana and about 4 or 5 strawberries, it was wonderful. Anywayz thanx for the recipe!

  • Genuis! The last 3X went orange Julius they skimped on the powder or something and my two boys couldn't figure out why I raved about their drink. But! thanks to you, now they know what one tastes like and they loved it, me too!

  • Thanks for the great Smoothie recipe. It saved my marriage!

  • I love this drink. I used to work at an Orange Julius, and the powder we used for all of the drinks is eggwhite powder. The smoothies we used coconut almond powder. I really miss those drinks. I have been trying to find a home recipe for this drink, now that I have one, I'll be making one more often! Thanks!

  • while expiermenting with refreshments and other things litke this i decided to try a recipe for orang julius and it was a great one but ive come up with alot of different combinations for drinks like this and they are great i have this chocolate one which is pretty good but ye this was a good change from the ones i have created and its good so thanks alot

  • WOW! This recipe is awesome im like practically addicted to orange julius' now! But i was just wondering how you make a strawberry julius becuz i cant find a recipe anywhere. THANX!

  • Fantastic! Last time I got an Orange Julius in the mall in San Diego, they skimped on the ingredients. It was watery, but cost the same as a good one. It got me craving, so I "googled" and found your site. Great taste with fewer calories than my all time fav "Orange Dream Machine".
    its so amazing! i love it!

  • I love this drink, it tasted delicious, thankyou!!

  • Tis The Most Amazing Drink! A Pure Bit of Genius!

  • OMG!!! This stuff is sooo good!!! I am really hoping that every single perosn that reads this tries t!!!

  • This is great, i am 13 and love making all sorts of smothies. I must say that this one is the best.

  • Awesome recipe. I didn't have any orange jice so i substituted it for "Tropical Punch" & it tasted great. Thanks for the recipe.

  • this recipe is awesome. i make it all the time for my family and they enjoy it alot.

  • it was good

  • Amazing recipe- i changed it around due to available ingredients. I substituted strawberry smoothie yogurt and plain kefir yogurt for milk, frozen peaches for oj and ice cubes, honey/raw sugar for sugar. Great!

  • SO good! I love to make various kinds of smoothies, but have never used a real recipe till now. It was thinner than I like, but very tasty.
    we made orange julius in middle school and this brings back the memories I love it. It is very good.

  • I have been craving Orange Julius, and we no longer have one in town! This was deeeee-lish! I only used 2 T. of sugar and that was plenty for me.

  • I replaced both water and milk with equal parts rice milk, and replaced orange juice concentrate with two whole oranges. Thanks for the tip!

  • I tried this recipe with the vodka...AWESOME!

  • great recipe just made it in seconds and didn't evev have to go to the store to buy any ingredients! Best thing I have made in months!! Thank you!

  • ROX, I LIKE ALL YOUR RECIPES, THIS ONE ROX THE MOST. LALALALA tasty and cooling~! refreshing too! i made for my friends and they said it rox and all wan the recipe

  • We just started using a amoothie machine and I thought of the oranfe julius at our mall. And then I found you site and had tostart making our own. And my 9 year old daughter just loves them.

  • the person that wrote the "secret Ingredient" was 99% correct. By working there you know what they used, by working in a kitchen all your life as a chef, people the substitution that is powdered milk and egg.....Cream of tartar. Most of you have had it in your cabinets all along. Orange juice, splash of milk, sugar, vanilla, cream of tartar, ice, BAM! Orange Julius.

  • Fantastic! I kept looking for a recipe that didn't require ice cream, and this one hit the spot!

  • I'm an old girl and have collected many cookbooks and recipes over the years... But 32 years ago, in a high school home ec class, I wrote out my FIRST recipe card. It was for a drink I was crazy about! Yes! They had Orange Julius way back then! I still have that card in my card file and I went to compare it with your recipe. The only difference is mine calls for 1/2 cup sugar. I have loved this recipe forever! Long live Orange Julius! (and the home ec teachers who pass along the love of good recipes!)

  • Mmmm, mmmm, that brings me back. Thanks for a nostalgic (and delicious) taste of my childhood.

  • Substitute Welch's Grape Juice (Frozen Concentrate)WOW! You may not need as much sugar!

  • For those looking for something with a little kick...I use this recipe and substitute 1 cup peach schnapps for the 1 cup water and it makes a fantastic "fuzzy julius".

  • Thumbs up. Very simple and extremely good.

  • this is delishous all i had t change was put two real oranges in it and that is all it is very good

  • This recipe was great! I used it of Christmas with my little family of 4, and they loved it!

  • great blend...try adding just a dab of vanilla ice cream

  • Fantastic! Tastes totally like the original to me.

  • This recipe was great but I added about 10-11 ice cubes.

  • I thought that this recipe tasted just like I was drinking an orange julius right from the mall!!!

  • mmmm, I loved it!! We had seconds. Man I ttyl will go back and do that again

  • You can also add a bit of vanilla ice cream (like...maybe 1/2 cup) and its still good, it just makes it a bit thicker and not as runny as juice or something.

  • Oh my goodness I cant stop drinking it, it is awesome I have made like four ice cream buckets fulland they sit in the freezer until I want them then I just thaw it and enjoy.mmmm

  • I used to own an Orange Julius franchise. Powered egg white is used in the Julius receipe.

  • wow! I don't really like orange juice but I used frozen strawberries instead of ice cubes and it's by far the best smoothie I have ever made!
    It is sooo awesome.....Me and my Family are addicted to this stuff!!

  • This is the closest recipe to the original.To be a true Julius, dont forget the 1 tablespoon of dried eggwhite.I ran a OJ for 2 years in medical school/college,enjoy people!

  • the recipe came out a bit more liquidy than i wouldve liked but it tastes great so i dont mind. maybe adding a little bit of a thickener would help. overall great taste tho

  • i love smoothies but can never find one that tastes just like the real orange julius store. this one is fantastic!! hope everyone tries it. thanks for sending it out!

  • the best drink i have had in my life

  • So Good and much cheaper, more for your money and great for the kiddies

  • I love this Drink! I read it and thought how good it sounded. I made if for a brunch I had for my family not realizing i grew up on this drink. My mom used to make it for us as children to get us to drink when we were sick. She always used powderded milk instead of reagular milk. The powderded milk it great because you can keep it in the closet and it is always there when you need it. I also use Sweet and low 1-2 packages or to taste. Thanks for this recipe. It has brought back alot of childhood memories

  • All I can say is "WOW!"...This recipe is spot on. I was amazed after making it for the first time. It is so similar to the Orange Julius so now I don't have to spend more money at the mall to buy one, I just make it at home and bring it!

  • Thanks for the recipe. I didn't have a can frozen concentrated orange juice (I mean who does) and I didn't have vanilla extract either so I just used regular orange juice and about a tbsp. of Yoplait Pina Colada and it tasted great. Can't wait to try it with the frozen orangw juice and vanilla extract. Thanks again.

  • We used to make these when I was young. My mom would put one or two spoonfuls of Dream Whip, which is like powdered egg white. Thank you for your site.

  • The recipe is wonderful! I put in a little less milk and added a bit more vanilla, a bannana, and some fat free cool whip to give it that creamy texture.

  • O my heck, this was the best recipe ever! The orange julius was so yummy. Thank you.

  • This recipe is SO yummy! I didn't have any orange juice so I used 2 orange popsicles, 1 cup of milk, no water and then the vanilla and 8 ice cubes. I added a little bit more milk to mine so I could drink it out of a glass but my boys loved it super thick. Mmmmm!!

  • Add 1 tsp coconut flavoring or coconut powder. Add 1 tbsp powdered eggwhite. Gives a more original taste.

  • This was so good. Will make again!

  • this recipe is great i made it for my boyfirend and he loves so much thanks robbie

  • I found this recipe by mistake and gave it a shot, first time it came out sorta frothy and thick, but it still tasted like the Orange Julius style smoothies. :D

  • I've been looking at a lot of recipes for the orange julius, but I haven't seen one with the twist my mom put in hers. She adds an egg white or two to get a little foam on the top. It's really great!!

  • it was ok but i thought it could have been a little bit better if you didnt use the vanilla extract or only a half a tsp. of it but other than that it was great

  • close enough ingredients to the one i remeber!!! it was awesome thank you

  • I made this for my sons graduation, now every family graduation it is a must. Friends of my kids even ask for it. It is a must have for any summer fun! (we add a bit more ice to make it thicker tho)

  • Oh wow such an amazing drink. My girlfriends and i love them. For an extra touch add 2 shots of abosolut vodka

  • needed more sugar

  • I am Danielle and my friend and I made this but we added banannas it was great delicious thanks for teh recipe!

  • Awesome recipe, dude! Thanks for putting it on this site!

  • It sounded great when I read the ingredients with my son. We wanted something we could do together for fun family night! It worked out GREAT and tasted GREAT too!! Thanks!!

  • yUMMY!!! woo hoo party in my MOUTH

  • I'm so glad I found this recipe. I went out and bought a blender just for this. I added 3 egg whites and a little vanilla ice cream.

  • Thank you sooo much...Love it we just add strawberry and banana..we do use soy milk instead...taste GREAT!

  • I have been making these forever! A great add-in is coconut rum for those over 21 of So YUM!!!

  • This was delicious! My kids loved it. It tastes exactly like at the mall.

  • your orange julius was recipe was really good,i injoyed it alot such as others.

  • We made this on New Year's Eve. It was great. Used 1/2 cup of sugar. My dad used to buy Orange Julius for us 50 years ago.

  • Amazing recipe everyone should try it!

  • This receipe is almost perfect. They used real oranges in the olden days (I'm 60). I use to keep an eye on how they made this yummy drink. Before blending this add a teaspoon of malted milk powder. yum

  • Completely and thoroughly awesome... death by Julius!! By the way, the coconut powder that is so hard to find is actually coconut FLOUR and most bulk food stores carry it.

  • Your orange juliuses are awsome!!!

  • I am a big fan of Orange Julius, but they are rather expensive. I found your recipe and decided to try it. It is absolutely close to the real thing. I added 1/2 of a banana and 3 tbsp of crushed pineapple. As well I used powdered sugar. Excellent!

  • comment, holla! this is the best drink ever. it makes me feel like a kid again.

  • All I can say is YUM!

  • I made the Tropicana OJ and ice cream version. I didn't have vanilla on hand, but I did have Pina con Coco (pineapple coconut). Wow! was that good! I used only about 1&1/2C OJ to 2 cups ice cream and threw in a few ice cubes. Kids LOVED it!

  • As a teen in the 1970s I worked at Orange Julius and the "secret ingredient was malted milk powder

  • Thanks for tje "copycat" recipe - tried on a 104 degree TX summer day and it truly hit the spot.

  • This is a great recipe! I waited for years to have one of these since the mall closed their Orange Julius Shop! YUMMY!

  • I love this recipe i first found it in the newspaper but then i lost the recipe and i tried looking and looking until i found it here and now i ant to keep on coming back here for more things

  • I absolutely love this recipe. I shared it with my mom and grandma and they raved about it! Definitely try this one.

  • Thanks so much for posting the comments good and bad, cause it gives you the chance to modify if you think you may agree with something a little different. I read all of the comments before I tried my version. Thanks to everyone to my Orange Julius recipe. This is my version: 12 oz of Tropicana orange juice,(already made type) 1 cup of milk, 1-2 tsp vanilla extract, 5-6 Tbsp powdered sugar, 2-3 cups of ice, blend in blender on whip. Makes 32 oz ** You may want to start out with 3-4 Tbsp powdered sugar, to satisfy how sweet you want it**

  • I just made my own "what do we have at home" version of this... 2 big, juicy Florida oranges, low fat milk, vanilla, an egg white and LOTS of ice cubes, no sugar... it was delicious!

  • great i tried to make some last night but it didn't come out to well

  • We have a few orange trees so I used used 8oz of orange juice, 8oz of non fat milk, a few packs of sugar substitute, 6 ice cubes and we all loved it. Thanks!

  • The BEST Orange Julius recipe on the internet! Thank You.

  • This is the best thing going!! Tastes exactly like an Orange Julius!! You've hit on the exact recipe in my opinion. I didn't have any problems with the froth since I have a Miracle Chopper with blender attachement....runs at a much higher speed so the froth was perfect too. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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