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Death by Chocolate

Serves : 24
Prep. Time : 0:30

21 oz. package brownie mix - prepared as directed in 9" X 13" pan
1/4 cup coffee flavored liqueur OR 1 tsp. sugar AND 1/4 cup black coffee
2 packages instant chocolate mousse OR pudding - prepared as directed
8 Skor
OR Heath bars - coarsely crushed
12 oz. Cool Whip

-Cool brownies completely.
-Prick holes in cooled brownies with a fork.
-Drizzle coffee liqueur evenly over brownies.
-Cut brownies into 1" squares.
-Place half of the brownies in the bottom of a large glass serving bowl.
-Spread half the prepared mousse over the brownies in the bowl.
-Sprinkle 1/3 of the crushed Skor
or Heath bars over the mousse.
-Spread 1/2 of the Cool Whip
on top.
-Place remaining brownies on top, spread remaining mousse over, sprinkle on 1/3 of the candy, spread on remaining Cool Whip
, and top with remaining candy.
-Chill, covered, for at least 2 hours before serving.

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