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Deli Potato Salad

Serves : 10
Prep. Time : 2:15

8 med. potatoes - cubed and boiled
3 dill pickles - chopped
3 hard-boiled eggs - peeled and chopped
2 med. apples - cored and chopped
1 med. onion - chopped
1/2 Lb. salami or ham - cut into chunks
3 Tbls. mayonnaise - lowfat okay
3 Tbls. red wine vinegar
salt - to taste
ground black pepper - to taste
paprika - to taste

-Mix potatoes, pickles, eggs, apple, and onion in a large bowl.
-Fry salami lightly and drain off excess fat, cool.
-Stir salami, mayonnaise, and seasonings into potato mixture.
-Chill for 2 hours before serving.

NOTES : Garnish with slivered red and green sweet peppers.

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