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White Trash
Sweet Chex® mix with cereal, pretzels,
nuts, and white chocolate.

Recipe By: Barb Sloan
Serves: 10
Prep. Time: 0:20

1 cup Cheerios
1 cup corn OR rice Chex
® OR Crispex®
1 cup pretzel sticks
1 cup peanuts OR cashews
12 oz. bag vanilla baking chips / white chocolate chips
1 Tbls. vegetable oil OR peanut oil

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-Combine cereal, pretzels, and nuts in bowl; set aside.
-Melt vanilla chips in the microwave or in the top of a heated double boiler.
-Stir oil into melted vanilla chips.
-Pour vanilla mixture over dry mixture and stir to coat.
-Press onto waxed paper and allow to cool overnight.
-Break up into pieces before serving.

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25 Visitor Comments About This Recipe Submit Yours Below!
  • everyone raves about this, when I make it.


  • My kids love this stuff Thanks for the recipe!

  • I also substitute peanut butter in place of the oil.

  • I made this for Thanksgiving using white chocolate and milk chocolate and my family loved it! They begged me to make it for Christmas!

  • You have DONE it now...I am hooked on this treat...please tell me it is "CALORIE-LESS". I play domino(es) with my buddies and I think they all show up on Friday's due to my making this recipe. THANKS...I hope I can stay slim!

  • I have used peanut butter captain crunch instead of the cheerios. Not over powering at all.

  • try adding Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Life, it's great.

  • hi--we even add a few M&M's to the mixture to add to this insanely satisfying and addicting snack!

  • we love this recipe. But we used almond bark in place of the white choc. it really makes a big difference in place!!

  • The first time I had this I brought it at Henri Bendels in NYC. I made some with coconut oil and then the next time added coconut flakes mmmm Yummy If your a coconut lover it will make you oh so happy! Enjoy
    this stuff is addicting--going to make it for my co-workers-chocolate and color is always good

  • we add M&Ms sometimes too--definately a great treat; my entire family loves it! very easy to make. thanks!

  • We keep it simple and just mix pretzels, corn chex, rice chex and then pour melted white almond bark over and stir. The Xmas favorite and I made 16 recipes this year!!!

  • My big man & little man, never heard of this, I just recently made it for them, and it's a HUGE HIT. My Little Man asks constantly, "where's the white trash"?

  • This stuff is so addictive. It's easy to gain at least 5 lbs. just thinking about this recipe. Yummy!

  • I have made this recipe for years but I always used the candi quik instead of the baking chips and we add raisins We also use the chocolate candi quik to make brown trash and the pretzels and nuts are the best with it.

  • I dress this up with Christmas colored plain and peanut M&M's and use Fancy mixed nuts instead of the regular peanuts. Throw a couple of cups into a snack gift bag with a ribbon and they're clamoring for more
    For Christmas add a bit off green food coloring and mint extract, it is great!

  • I use golden grahams, golden raisens, nuts, chocolate chips, creamy peanut butter, and conf. sugar. great. also margarine. try it.

  • M&M's are an amazing addition to this mix. However, be careful, on account that milk chocolate makes it THAT much more addicting!

  • Ilove this recipe my mom always used to make it when i was a kid and i still make it...but we use sweet and salty chex mix

  • substitute the white chocolate chips with milk chocolate ones and add m&ms,, mmmmmmmm... :)

  • all i can say is WOW!!!

  • I added raisins also

  • this is the best snack and it is easy to make

  • I have made for the students I work with and they have begged for me to make it again! I didn't have the heart to tell them the real name of it, so they came up with a name themed around Valentine's Day (when I made it.)

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