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Thin Pizza Crust
Crust will be firm and crispy, not soggy and
soft, like many other doughs will produce.

Prep. Time: 0:40
Yield: 1 Pizza

.25 oz. pkt. active dry yeast
1/4 tsp. granulated sugar
3/4 cup 110 degree water
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
pizza sauce - of your choice, as needed
shredded cheese - of your choice, as needed
toppings - of your choice, as needed

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-Dissolve yeast and sugar in water; allow to rest for 8 minutes.
-In a separate bowl, combine flour and salt.
-Pour yeast mixture over flour mixture and mix well with a heavy spoon.
-Turn dough onto a floured surface and knead for 2 minutes.
-Working from the edges to the center, press dough into a 12" circle. We've also found that holding the dough up, off the counter and stretching it works well, too (keep rotating the dough circle as you stretch to keep an even circle forming).
-Place dough on a lightly greased pizza pan and stretch dough to edges.
-Spread sauce over crust and top with cheese and desired toppings.
-Bake in a 500 degree oven for 8-12 minutes, or until edges are golden.

Notes: To answer the most frequently-asked questions I receive about this recipe: No, the dough does not have to rise - if it did, it wouldn't produce a thin crust. If you'd like to freeze the dough for later use, roll the dough into a ball, place in a sealable plastic bag (allow extra room, as the dough will rise a bit before it freezes completely), then thaw in the refrigerator completely before pressing out into a circle.

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  • Best crust that I have made yet, the best recipe I've found FANTASTIC !!!

  • Just writing to let you know I tried your recipe for thin crust for pizza...and it's the best! Also, you have a really helpful page. Keep up the great work!

  • Just wanted to comment on your thin crust pizza dough recipe. It's the best I've tried yet, so I use it every week on "Pizza night" at our house. Thanks much!

  • G-R-E-A-T pizza crust. My son and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely continue to use this great recipe over and over again. It was as easy to make as it was to eat. Thanks a whole bunch.

  • This was absolutely the best pizza crust I have ever tasted!! I love making pizza and have been trying different crust recipes and this one is definitely tops. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  • I tried your dough recipe. Its awesome! Best home-made pizza I have ever had! I have come up with a few small tweaks I would like to share. I always grease the pan with olive oil and sprinkle corn meal around the pan. Second where it says 1 3/4 cups of flour I use 1 cup of white flour and 3/4 cups whole wheat.

  • Thanx for sharing your recipes with me on the subject Pizza Dough! I really appreciated it a lot, and did found some real good ones! Your site is bookmarked and I will get back real soon! Until then....Peace, Hugs and Pizzas!

  • This is by far the best pizza dough recipe I have tried, I share it with everyone! With Pastorelli's Pizza sauce it can't be beat! Thank you!"


  • I can't tell you how many awful pizza crusts I've made in my life, until I found this recipe. Absolutely the best homemade crust I've ever had. We eat pizza all the time now. Thank you.

  • Makes good super tin pizza’s. I get 2 16” using a roller on the dough. Love thin crust and use ur recipe always

  • I've tried lots of different pizza dough recipes through the years with little success until I found yours. It's absolutely the best tasting dough I've ever eaten.

  • Hi! I wanted to let you know I love this pizza crust recipe. I've tried others that my eight year old daughter didn't care for, and she'll eat this one... all three of my kids like it, as well as I and my husband. I am very excited about it and look forward to having pizza weekly! I also wanted to mention that I used spelt flour in place of wheat flour and sucanat in place of regular granulated sugar.

  • Great crust. Very easy to make and use.

  • The thin pizza crust was wonderful! Very easy to make and my kids loved it... which is, or course, the test above all tests!!

  • My husband could not believe that a) I made pizza so quickly from scratch and by hand b) I made such thin crisp pizza - restaurant quality. Another secret I've found out is to use less toppings so I only put a thin layer of tomato sauce and cheese. Thanks, what a win.

  • Your thin crust pizza recipe is the best , have been making pizza at home for the last 2 years and did not know what we were missing until we tried your recipe!!!

  • This is the best recipe I have ever tried. Easy too, no waiting to rise. Husband thought it was awesome.

  • Wow! I have tried so many pizza recipes and have never felt that I was getting it right. Not only is this recipe great, (so says my NJ born husband) you didn't mention that it could be made in the time it takes to order one and have it delivered. Thank you for this great site. I will never order pizza again. Thin crust lovers, this is your pizza recipe.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for the best pizza crust I have ever tried! I am a pizza fanatic and prefer making my own to buying from restaurants. I will never use another recipe!

  • Very good crust - we'll definitely make it again!

  • My family loves this crust 12 year old daughter will fix it on her own. We also like it just drizzled with olive oil, garlic salt, crushed french fried onions and mozzarella cheese (no sauce). Yummy!!! Thanks so much for this recipe!! I always double the recipe to make four pizzas for my teens!

  • It's the best thin crust pizza recipe that I have tried. Thanks a lot of sharing!

  • I am a household manager for an executive in Brussels Belgium. I am not a chef but do a lot of high end cooking for the family. He loves thin crust pizza and the other recipes always turned out thicker. This one is a winner. Tried it tonight to see and will make it for him tomorrow. I was so impressed ordered the cookbook and can't wait.

  • Best Iíve ever made.

  • Iím from NYC and have tried many different pizzas. Your dough was so easy to make and one of the best I have ever tasted. Thank you.
    I LOVE this recipe. It was very easy and delicious. My son and I enjoy making dough together. Thanks!!!

  • The best pizza I have ever made. Despite reading all the comments, I was still wary that the pizza would not turn out, not due to the recipe but due to different flour, yeast brand etc. I was having a guest and that would have been embarrassing. Wow, now I have to show off my pizza whenever guests come. The best part is you can whip it up in less than 30 min and that includes cooking time!! It used to be a half day process.

  • My wife wanted a Pizza night like she'd had at home with her parents, and I have tried my best to make it happen. I have the perfect sauce and a great mix of toppings, but my crusts would ruin the whole night. This recipe is fantastic, and foolproof. I made a test pizza this afternoon, and I am looking forward to making her a wonderful Pizza tonight. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • I have been making pizzas for a very long time and family and friends have always raved about my thin crust pizza dough. I had a hungry crowd one evenign and needed another quick batch, so decided to try your no rise, thin crust dough. This beat my recipes hands down and it is so quick and easy. I crowd absolutely LOVED IT!!

  • Oh My, All I can say is thank you so much for the delicious pizza dough recipe. I have tried so many recipes and have always had hard dough or soggy dough. This dough comes out perfect every time. I also add some garlic pepper and itilian seasoning to the flour mixture, comes out flavorful and delicious. I make this everytime someone comes in from out of town, and get raves about it always! Thanks again so much.

  • Terrific crust! My two-year old daughter helped me and honestly it was the best crust we've ever made.

  • I tried the thin crust pizza dough and WOW, it is awesome. Exactly what I have been looking for. I had searched for the perfect recipe for many years, with no success. I have made 5 pizzas within this past week using this dough. My 15 year old has friends over all the time to watch hockey, or play cards and we would buy pizza for them. Never again! My son said it was so much better than buying out. It was delicious and We all loved it. crispy on the outside, yet soft inside. Perfect! It was so easy to make, I did put in in my bread machine dough cycle, so it saved a great deal on time, clean up and money! The dough easily formed into a circle without tearing. By far, the most superior pizza dough i have ever made!

  • Robbie, my brother in Australia e-mailed me your pizza crust recipe and has been giving me tips all evening over the e-mail. I made it tonight and it is really fantastic, light and airy and very tasty. I used King Arthur bread flour and a breadmaker do knead the dough.

  • The yeast/sugar ratio is perfect. However, and maybe this is a regional/altitude difference (I live in Berkeley, CA), but I tried making this dough twice to the exact directions, and I keep getting too wet of a dough. Both times I added about 5 more fairly heaping tablespoons of flour. 'sides that, great crust!

  • We loved it. Thank you for sharing a great recipe that's so quick and easy to make. I'm making this crust from now on and will be sharing it with my friends.

  • soooo good! we always pile on the topping and havent found a crust that could hold it all, until yours! it is soo good, and i dont have to worry about it falling apart in our hands!

  • I tried your crust recipe, and while the flavor is good, it didn't come out with the water cracker crispness that I like.

  • Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about! A perfect pizza crust if ever there were one. My husband was thrilled. This will be the crust recipe I use from now on!

  • I made this crust for the first time today, it was simple and delicious! My husband wanted pesto pizza for Father's Day, so I searched thin crust recipes on the web. I compared many, and finally decided upon this one. A+++!!

  • My first pizza and it turned out absolutely great!!!!! A real delight!!! Only problem though, it wasn't enough for the two of us :) Thanks for sharing with us!

  • I tried this recipe last week and it was great, made two pizzas with it, then used some dough I had made the night before and had put in the fridge and it was like cardboard, will now only use this recipe, thanks

  • Quick & Fantastic Crust. I had given up on making fantastic Pizzas at home when I found your recipe online. I decided to give it a last try and to my surprise it worked wonders....Now we enjoy fantastic homemade Pizzas ! Thanks for the magic recipe.

  • Want a quick &good pizza dough recipe this is the one folks.I have been baking for years, and this is the best recipe I've encountered.My teen son even make this on his own for an after school snack.

  • This recipe is the best ever. We don't buy takeout pizza anymore because u can make it and eat in 30 min. I make mine rectangular and I stuff the crust with cheese; I also put dried herbs such as oregano, basil/ garlic powder, onion salt, greek seasoning in the dry ingrediants, and I dust the pan with cornmeal

  • Delicious. I've been searching for a good thin crust recipe with negative results until this one. My family loved it as did a friend that happened to stop over the first time I made it, now he wants the recipe. Fast, easy and the best homemade I've ever had. I used a pizza stone and went easy on the sauce & toppings and they were fantastic. Thank you.

  • This pizza crust recipe is what I've been searching for! Crispy, easy, fast and very forgiving. Even when I don't get it looking great, it still tastes great!

  • Your recepies are the greatest, hard to get my mom out of the house , when I tell here pizza day she is over to visit , great receipie for thin crust !!!

  • I have tried making other thin crust recipes, and it always comes out soggy, yuck! But this recipe never fails to amaze me, no matter how thin i stretch it, it comes out beautifully! I have loved every recipe I have tried of Robbie's, now I always check here first when I need a recipe, Thanks Robbie!!

  • The first time, that I made pizza was not good, the pizza crust tasted awful, that was the last time that I made pizza,that was 5 years ago.Then I found this recipe, and now I make pizza all the time. Thanks for a great recipe.

  • Thanks for this awesome crust recipe, my family and I have and will continue to enjoy. Many thanks

  • Mmmm...Delicious! I was afraid that this recipe might not come out right because I only had Rapid-Rise yeast on hand, but the crust still came out thin and crispy. I used vodka sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and it was divine! Can't wait to try other topping combinations. Thank you for the delicious and easy recipe!

  • Great recipe, best pizza we have ever made! My husband loved it!

  • Just to tell you that my family will not allow me to make any other pizza crust now!! This is the best we have ever tried

  • I quadrupled this recipe for last night's dinner - wow! I had to add more flour, but the end result was fantastic! It produced a great thin crust that held our large amount of toppings. This one's a winner!

  • Thank you - thank you - thank you. I have been looking for a thin crust pizza dough for so, so, so long and I have finally found it! Most recipes I have tried are so time consuming and don't ever taste like the real thing. Thanks again.

  • This is the best crust ever! I'm really glad that this is an easy recipe, because we'll be preparing this one often!

  • Oh my gosh...the recipe I have been looking for for at least 4 years. and it is do easy. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is awesome.

  • Best Crust I have ever made. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  • My husband and I have tried this dough twice and we absolutely love it.

  • crust is awesome and easy to make ill be making homemaid pizza more often after trying this!

  • I was doubtful about the no rise method, but it really worked and was fantastic! Thank you!

  • This is the best thin crust pizza dough I've tried. I've sent many people to your web site to get it. Thank You!

  • loved this crust it was amazing..I topped it with basil,olive oil, fresh mozzarella and sauteed garlic yum me and my best friend Jerry enjoyed this

  • This recipe is the answer to my quest for perfect thin crust pizza. I made this for my husband and when I told him how amazingly easy and fast this recipe was, he declared an end to our take-out pizza days. Couldn't be happier with this discovery, and I can't wait to try out some of the additions other commenters have suggested! THANK YOU!!!

  • the best

  • We loved this thin crust. It was easy to make and was so good. I chopped some fresh garlic and put in olive oil and lightly brushed the crust with it before baking. It was so delicious. Since we like super crispy crust I may try making it on my pizza stone next time.

  • Great dough, My family really likes the soft texture. I replace the flour with a little oat flour for added nutrition, and it works well. Thank you :)

  • i love your pizza crust recipe its so delicious!!

  • this is aswesome pizza

  • I have to admit I was skeptical of all the rave reviews, because I consider myself a pretty good cook and have yet to find a thin crust recipe that really works. I need look no further. This turned out incredible! Thank you. My frozen pizza days are officially over.

  • This crust is not only great for pizza but makes fabulous cheese bread to go with soup, I just added green olives, parmesan and cheddar and it's now a favorite side bread...thanks!

  • This is the best thin crust pizza dough recipe I have ever tried. My Dad said it was the best crust he has ever eaten!! This is the last crust recipe I will ever need. Thanks!!

  • Yea! Finally a pizza dough that is both exceptionally easy to work with and delicious!

  • I love this pizza crust the best ever awsome recipie I made delicious pizza!!! I love it.

  • Ditto to all of the above praises. This was THE thin crust recipe I've been searching for...and it's fast and easy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent recipe! Have been looking for a thin crust recipe and this is the best ever. Thanks.

  • This recipe is AMAZING!!

  • I've made this exactly per the recipe, and substituted 3/4 cup whole wheat flour. Both make the perfect pizza, crispy and no dropping. I recommend getting a pizza paddle, and sliding the pizza onto a hot baking stone. Not only is it fun to slide it into the oven, it feels like I'm working in a pizzeria.

  • I found this dough EXTREAMLY tasty and is infact beter than some of the pizza I have tasted in the mezzigiorno region of Italy while on holidays last year ,thanks for sharing youe secret!!!

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