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Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

Cheddar Bay Biscuits
like Red Lobster's®
Garlic and cheddar make a flavorful addition to basic drop biscuits.

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Serves: 8
Prep. Time: 0:15

2 cups Bisquick® baking mix
2/3 cup milk - low fat okay
1/2 cup shredded mild
cheddar cheese - low fat okay
1/4 cup butter OR margarine - melted
1/4 tsp.
garlic powder
dried parsley - as needed

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-Combine Bisquick®, milk, and cheddar and beat with a wooden spoon for about 30 seconds.
-Spoon onto a lightly greased cookie sheet.
-Bake in 450 degree oven for 8 - 10 minutes.
-Combine butter and garlic powder and pour over hot biscuits; sprinkle with parsley.

Notes: As we all know, restaurants have access to ingredients home cooks do not. In this case, I've been told Red Lobster® uses their Shrimp Scampi butter mix (a powder) to flavor their biscuits. So, this recipe is as close as a home cook can get to the real thing.

Make It A Meal: Serve with Parrot Bay Coconut Shrimp with Piña Colada Sauce like Red Lobster's® and Cheesecake like Red Lobster's® for dessert.

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Visitor Comments

  • I serve these all the time to the kids where I work. They can't go out to restrurants to eat so I try to bring it to them..thanks very much

  • I can't bake and I made these biscuits. They were BETTTER!!!! than RL. The guy who couldn't do it is an idiot....don't listen to him!!!

  • I am 16 years old and I made the Red Lobster biscuits and they came out identical to the original.My family loved them!!! And my suggestion to the person who did not feel that the biscuits tasted like RL's FOLLOW THE RECIPE, YOU CAN'T MISS!!!

  • I actually make these biscuits at Red Lobster. We use our own brand of mix and yes we use a scampi powder mixed with a butter sauce not real butter. I will say on the rare case we run out of our mix we have bought

  • so... i accidently used 1/4 a cup of garlic powder instead of 1/4 a tsp... so they didnt exactly come out like i had hoped. other than that they were great :-)

  • Bisquick. They do taste a little different but it is as close as you will come to ours unless you know someone that works there that can get you the real stuff.

  • I tried this recipe not once but twice, I saw one comment where someone say that they don't taste like Red Lobster. Well I am soo sorry that person had a bad experience with them but each time I made them, the people that ate them said that they tasted like red lobster's biscuts, they where a big hit a my dinner party last night. LOVE THE RECEIPE!! Thank you Robbie!!

  • I cannot believe how similar these taste. They are awesome. I talked to a friend that worked at red lobster as a cook and her said the only thing they do a scampi sauce brushed on after they are cooked. The scampi sauce is primarily garlic butter.

  • Thank you sooo much for this recipe! It was VERY easy and fast to make and soo soo soo soo yummmmm-O! I won't be going to red lobster for these anymore.

  • I come to the States quite often for vacation, during my stay I get to eat in your all of your great restaurants.I love Red Lobster and I found a real fondness for the Cheddar Bay biscuits they make.Tried this recipe and I was hooked!Although in Britain, we make cheese scones, that are simular, they weren't a patch on these biscuits. My mum tried biscuits for the first time,yesterday and commented that they are lighter and much tastier than our cheese scones!Nice one! Thanks very much. Now to get more Brits hooked on Cheddar Bay Biscuits!!!

  • Red Lobster's Cheddar Biscuits are great with the Dixie Stampede cream of veggie soup. They taste amazing together, and I never have leftovers when I make them.

  • way to go! I've tried Bisquick's chedar biscuit mix, but these were better. Great compliment to soup.

  • I thought these were great and my family loved them. The only substitution I made, was a 1/4 t of the dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix.

  • I tried this recipe and it was great! I actually looked it up after I had Red Lobster's biscuits for the first time. I initially thought they had a ranch flavor so instead of garlic powder and parsley I used a powdered ranch dip mix. It turned out amazing and was really easy to do! My fiancé had me make two more batches, one to take over to a party and another for him to take to work. I got flooded with e-mails asking for the recipe!

  • SOOOOO GOOD! Used an old cheddar and added a bit of salt to the butter and garlic topping (I love salty food), and they were delicious. Am using ALL of my willpower not to finish the entire batch on my own!

  • Great recipe i think they are better than red lobster's and i can have as many as i want in less time than a waiter can bring them.

  • Great recipe. I am going to add "Old Bay Seasoning" to it and see if it gets even better!!! Thanks.

  • If you add about 1/4 tsp of Old Bay to the biscuit mix and about 1/8 tsp Old Bay to the butter garlic melt, they taste just like the original biscuits from Red Lobster !

  • was pleasantly surprised

  • omg i love this recipie i made them and they taste great and i love them from red lobser sop they were great

  • Yum, delicious! And they are SO quick and simple, but they look so pretty and fancy. I chose this recipe to do in my college class for a 10 minute food demonstration and they were a hit.

  • Awesome! And if that person who couldn't figure it out what to do with the bisquick, let them know I have a few suggestions...

  • Great recipe and especially easy to make!

  • These is a great recipe! I did substitute garlic salt for the garlic powder.

  • We make these all the time. They are identical to Red Lobster's. Verry yummy

  • tried the recipe and found them to be easy and great. i loved it.

  • I am a Red Lobster employee and the closest you can get to our actual recipe is Sam's biscuit mix mixed with cheddar cheese for the topping get a powdered scampi butter mix and use liquid (squeezable) butter (leave out the wine if called for)

  • Thank you! Have tried to duplicate using taste, but could not quite master.

  • Out of this world!!! Thank You for the recipes, trying so many off your website and they all have been wonderful. Again Thanks!!!

  • These biscuits are so awesome. They basically melt in your mouth

  • The biscuits are not even close to red lobster's. I was very disappointed? What's up with the comments that raved about how identical your recipe was to that of Red Lobster?? Sorry but you'll have to try harder. In the meantime I have a box of bisquick I dont' know what to do with since I don't want to eat a lot of bread. Let me see if you post these comments on your site. Good Luck!!

  • I love this recipe. I used to go to RL just for the Biscuits, now I make them at home. I don't use garlic powder because I keep forgetting to buy some, so if you skip it, the recipe is still fabulous! Thank you Robbie!

  • I love all the recipes and tips on your site. You really have a knack for this. I used the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit recipe and they turned out great! My family can't believe they actually taste just like Red Lobster.

  • It was great! Nearly identical to the Red Lobster Biscuits. I finally understand why they are soo good, they are drenched in butter! (five stars)

  • Whoever thought these didn't taste like Red Lobster's must have made it wrong, these are spectacular.

  • Very light - Very Good! My husband and my daughter thought these biscuits were just like Red Lobsters. I doubled the recipe to make plenty - they go in a hurry.

  • I have made these at home for years. One thing I do different is to add half of the melted butter & garlic powder mixture to the dough before baking. After they are baked, I brush the remaining butter/garlic mixture over the tops.

  • Great recipe, very easy to make. We thought they tasted better than Red Lobster's. And to the person that thought they weren't even close to Red Lobster, some people shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen much less try and cook or follow a recipe.

  • Great! Even better when you use real garlic instead of powder or salt! Makes a big difference.

  • This is a wonderful recipe and a lot cheaper then going to RL just for there biscuits. So easy to make I get my grandkids to help, makes for family fun. For all those who sent negative reviews...If yours don't come out just like RL's stop cooking altogether because you must not have the knack for it. I added 1tsp dry parsley to mine for presentation purposes and my company thought i went to RL and bought them. I had to prove they were clones and not the real thing.

  • These cheddar biscuits were great and easy to make. Will make them again. Thanks

  • I visited a potential client one evening and her roommate was baking. He served these totally awesome cheddar biscuits, but I was only served one. I could have eaten the whole batch! I found out he got them from your website so I logged on and have found many more recipes I am anxious to try. I made the biscuits and they are incredible.

  • Recipe for biscuits was GREAT. Every bit as good as Red Lobster and so easy and quick to make. I have always loved those from Red Lobster and I am so glad we can now stay at home and have them whenever.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was so excited when I found this recipe last night--it's the only thing at Red Lobster's that I REALLY love. I was bummed out though when I read the negative comment and I was hoping that it wasn't true... So tonight, I tried the recipe, using white cheddar and whole milk, and it turned out exactly like I remember Red Lobster's biscuits!!! My husband even ate them and he doesn't care for biscuits at all, especially not with cheese! Spectacular and thank you for the recipe. I'm looking forward to making them often!! (I can't figure out what that person did to have such a bad taste in his mouth?? Maybe he didn't butter his biscuits??)

  • I loved your recipe for the cheddar bay biscuits but Red Lobster but something else in them. So trying several thins I used Tones Italian seasoning in with the batter it made them perfect.

  • I tried the cheddar biscuits this weekend and they were awesome. My nephew had no clue where they came from, he picked one up and said, "wow, these taste just like Red Lobsters!"

  • Excellent recipe and just as good as the Red Lobster. The person who did not like this recipe must have done something wrong because mine turned out fantastic. Both my husband and son raved about how good they were and much like the Red Lobster's. I mixed the Basic Baking Mix and separated the remainder into equal portions in baggies, refrigerated some and froze some to see how it keeps. If you don't like the drizzled butter on top (like my son) just put it on the amount for those who do want it. I sprinkled the garlic salt on all the biscuits. Turned out excellent!!!

  • I tried the biscuits yesterday and they were delicious my son loves them and want me to make them for his birthday party.

  • They are so easy and quick to make I will definitely be showing off Thanksgiving with these awesome biscuits. Buying your cook book for myself and my Sister for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  • These are GREAT ! And to the person who said they were not even close. You can sum it all up in the next to last line of that comment: They have a box of bisquick and don't know what to do with it... ???

  • This recipe is fantastic! The only thing I do is use buttermilk instead of milk, makes them even more tender and tasty and brush some butter/garlic on before and after baking.

  • Tonight at my garden club the hostess served cheddar biscuits made by your recipe and everyone was wild about them. Each month the club hostess makes dinner for everyone before we have our business meeting and program. Each month we all look forward to gathering both garden and cooking ideas; we certainly were not let down this month! Thanks for the yummy recipe.

  • I've made this recipe and must say they don't really taste like Red Lobster's biscuits. Truly, there is no way that Bisquick is going to give you a biscuit that is as light as those from Red Lobster. I'll keep searching for the perfect recipe.

  • Thank you for such a great website. I made the cheddar biscuits and they tasted just like the real thing. My boyfriend is a huge Red Lobster fan and was so excited when I found this recipe!

  • This recipe is identical to RL! Whoever made the negative comment about them must have not made them right. And also if you were not trying to eat too much bread then why were you attempting to make these biscuits?

  • These Biscuits are great but... if you will add 1/4 teaspoon of soda to the dry ingredients and heavy sprinkle Kraft Parm Plus! Garlic Herb Parmesan on the biscuits before baking, you will have our RL's exact recipe.

  • Wow, I have had this recipe for 3 or 4 years now and made it many times. After making them at home several times, my husband and I visited Red Lobster and we were actually disappointed by their biscuits!! We liked the homemade version BETTER! And these biscuits always get rave reviews when I make them for guests.

  • thanks for the great recipe! they came out perfectly. it was so easy too. i mixed together garlic powder and salt with the margarine

  • The cheddar biscuit recipe is wonderful. I've made them many times and they do taste as good as Red Lobster's. Whoever complained about them probably doesn't even know how to boil water and couldn't follow instructions. Keep up the good work!

  • Very nice. It was a joy to serve these to my family! Thanks for the recipe I look forward to trying more.

  • Wow! is all I have to say. I couldn't believe how good these were!!! I found this recipe on your site this morning and made them this afternoon. They taste JUST like RL's! I did follow a couple of the postings suggestions: I added 1/2 of the butter/garlic mixture to the dough before baking & topped it with the Kraft garlic parmesan before baking. I also added 1/4 tsp. baking soda, and used muffin cups instead of a flat baking sheet. So quick and easy to make too!

  • When I made these today I noticed that the same recipe is on the back of the Bisquick box (except for the parsley flakes) - ha ha ha! I think they tasted exactly like Red Lobster's!!! I used extra sharp cheddar and added a sprinkle of garlic salt to the dough! Note: You don't need a greased cookie sheet with Bisquick AND Red Lobster does not smooth the tops with a spoon.

  • I found the secret of making these biscuits just like Red Lobsters. First, do not use Bisquick. It makes the biscuits way to heavy. For fluffy, cheddar biscuits use White Lily self rising flour (it must be White Lily, no substitutions). Two cups of White Lily flour, 1/4 c. Crisco, and enough milk to make a dough of cottage cheese consistency. Add the cheese and garlic powder, of course, and drop by spoonful on a greased cookie sheet. The biscuits are light, fluffy and outstanding!!!

  • I loved these biscuits. This recipe is the best. Although, the were not as pretty, or as round for that matter, as the biscuits from Red Lobster, they tasted just as good, if not better. I mixed my parsley in with the melted butter and sprinkled garlic salt and parmesan on top. I wasn't so optimistic about the recipe until I tasted them. The fact that they were as thin as a thick cookie added to my amazement at the fact they were so good. The Wendy's Chili recipe  is my next go 'round. Let's hope this one is just as good! Thanks, Robbie.

  • These biscuits tasted just like the ones at Red Lobster. The only problem was...I didn't double or even triple the recipe!!! They went sooo fast. Love this site!!!

  • I use club soda in place of the milk. Makes the biscuits really moist and fluffy. I find the milk to make the biscuits a little dense.

  • I used soy milk instead of the low fat milk and none of my “I don’t do soy milk” family members ever knew the difference. Good way to sneak some protein into these absolutely delicious treats.

  • This recipe is awesome!!!! My husband & father in law loves the cheddar biscuits at RL. I did this recipe tonight & they were the taste testers. They smell it first & then took a bite. I received compliments from them. I taste it & it really taste like RL's biscuits! Thank's & more power to you!

  • I love the biscuits, but I don't like Bisquick. If you have Jiffy brand in your area, you should use that instead. Also, instead of plain cheddar I use the Fiesta Blend cheese from Wal Mart.

  • The biscuits taste absolutely delicious like red lobster. My son truly loves them and wants me to make them every day. In fact I think they taste better that RL. PS. I do agree that whom ever has a negative remark about the recipe should definitely stay out of the kitchen.

  • Great recipe Robbie! It is close enough to fool anyone. As I type, I stop to take a delicious bite! What I like the most though, is the fact with a few ingredients always on hand I can make these quickly when my husband needs a lunch snack the next day for work without having to run to the grocery store for prepak muffins or something (but full of preservatives) These are easy, I know what is in them (chemicals etc.) and extremely tasty. TOP MARKS ROBBIE!

  • Awesome recipe. I added a garlic clove to the biscuit mix and a garlic clove to the topping. Awesome !!!

  • This recipe was AWESOME! I'm not the greatest cook in the world, and even I made it taste good... I would say it's 95% the same as Red Lobster's. To those who said it didn't taste similar: you probably did it wrong, because if you follow the directions exactly, you can't go wrong! :)

  • You've hit this one right on! These turned out fabulous!! Who ever thought this was not the real deal obviously can't follow instructions, gee ya think?!? Anyhow thanks for enriching us with the way to find this really yummy recipe - without having to go to Red Lobster!!

  • Use White Cheddar, sweet butter and add a touch of onion powder to the garlic. For lighter texture use Jiffy baking mix. Very close, or go to a restaurant supply store:)

  • I have made these before and lost my recipe. A little trick I like to use(only because I love garlic) is to sprinkle a little garlic powder into the bisquik mixture before baking....yummy!

  • they were alright...i could have cooked them alittle longer...but they were good...

  • These are awesome!!! They taste just like Red Lobsters WITH OUT A DOUBT!! We are huge Red Loster fans and so are most of our friends. I made them one night and everyone wanted the recipe!! So, anyone that does not think they taste like the real thing please try it again and follow the recipe to the T.

  • Dear sair, I tried your recipe. It was excellent. Thank you. With rgds

  • This was good eatin

  • Sounds wierd, but these are great dipped in caesar dressing.

  • I love RL biscuits. This recipe was even better because they were not as greasy. Took 15 minutes. I made a similiar flounder dinner In my house for half the price.

  • Cheers to the people who provided varations. Jeers to the people who felt the need to bash the few people who don't think they taste like RL's. I made them once and was disappointed. I think I will try them again trying some of the variations to achieve the fluffy result that I remember from RL (thanks again for the constructive suggestions instead of destructive opinions). And for those who think I can't follow directions or cook, I make my own pizza dough, home-made ravioli, wontons, fried rice, chimichangas, chile rellenos....get the picture. My husband and I don't go out for dinner very often because we cook better than most restaurants. I wanted this recipe so I don't have to go to RL just for biscuits.

  • i tried these biscuits and they were awesome!!!!!!!! i did not have quite 2 cups of bisquick,so i added about 2 Tlbs.flour,they were so good.......i ate 3 myself.thanks for the recipe.

  • these are so delicious, makes you think you have dined at red lobster

  • The three steps you are missing to make this the genuine red lobster recipe is to use some of the butter cold and mix it up into the biscuit dough until the butter is about the size of peas. Also you want to add some garlic powder to the biscuit dough itself, but make sure you do not overmix the dough. The last secret: use Jiffy baking mix instead of Bisquick it's lighter and they bake to the size identical of Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits, but taste better if you follow these tips!

  • I made these and my family loved them. I just combined all the ingredients together adding the butter and garlic in with the mixture. Will make over and over again. EXCELLENT.... THANKS

  • These are great! I added a teaspoon of OLD BAY seasoning to the flour and milk. I didn't have any parsley so I substituted it with dried cilantro. I also used the four-cheese shredded pack sold at most grocery stores (cheddar, white cheddar, asiago, monterey jack) and they were still yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  • I just finished making these and they are WONDERFUL....They really do taste like the auhentic RL biscuits. Used club soda instead of the milk to make the biscuit lighter and used real garlic (1/3 tsp in the dough and 1/2 tsp to butter mixture). Will definately make these again!!!

  • when i read this recipe i decided to go out tomorrow to buy Bisquick, but not being able to wait, i ripped open a box of pancake mix and used that instead... a little sweet but dang good anyway.

  • Such an easy recipe. Just served them at a dinner party, and they were a total hit! We're talking New York City people with access to the best restaurants. Can't wait to go home and make these for my family!

  • These were awesome and I am a horrible baker. I followed the recipe exactly and had a happy eaters at my table.

  • I've made this recipe for different occasions and you need to be ready for copies of recipe! They are a great hit! Praises, praises, praises!

  • I've never had Red Lobsters Cheddar Bay Biscuits, but they sounded so good I had to try them. They're very good. My husband really liked them. Next time, I'll use more cheese. They're good the next day with a little butter on them. Thank you.

  • YES MAN! THE BEST IN THE WORLD!. My biscuits came out perfect with out a doubt this is the right recipe I live in the Nassau, Bahamas so you know only when I travel to the united states is when I can get the famous cheddar biscuits, and boy these were the easiest and best I had next to red lobster. THANK YOU ROBBIE

  • OMG!! I tried this recipe last night and everyone above should agree....THEY TASTE JUST LIKE RED LOBSTER'S. I'm pregnant and sometimes crave RL's biscuits. Now, I don't have to drive so far just to get them. I can make them myself!!

  • I just made two different batches of the cheddar bay buscuits. They were both great! I do think next time I will add more garlic though. We like garlic!

  • My neighbor has worked for Red Lobster for years. The scampi butter thing is a myth. You make 'em the way the real ones are made.

  • I made this two nights in a row. The first time I thought they were a little dry so I added 1/8 tsp. of soda and it helped alot. I did only make 1/2 of the recipe for the 2 of us. I also used 1/2 sharp cheddar 1/2 asiago cheese and 1/4 tsp. Johnnies Garlic spread (dry) in the batter and 1/4 tsp. of it in the melted butter. Yummy!

  • These are really good, accept I think I should add more cheese next time cause I couldn't really taste it. I'm not sure about it comparing to Red Lobster's though because I've never tried it from theirs before.

  • I tried these yesterday for the first time and they turned out terrific just like Red Lobster's. Instead of using garlic poweder or salt I used the garlic spread and melted it along with the butter, the best biscuits I have ever made in my life. My husband went on and on about them.

  • Fast, easy, and next time, we're adding more cheese! It's as close to the original as it gets!!

  • I am soooo happy that I found this website and this recipe! I have been trying to duplicate RL's cheddar bay biscuits for several years. These are the closest I have come! Awesome!!!

  • Great recipe. I found one thing missing, though. It seems to be even better when you add some honey to the topping mix. Put some butter, garlic powder, and honey in a cup and microwave while the biscuits are baking. About halfway through the baking, brush the topping onto the biscuits, and Viola! they taste phenomenal!

  • I make these every time we have seafood. I've also passed the recipe around to my neighbors. EVERYONE absolutely loves these! I bake it at a slightly lower temperature, but make sure that they are cooked and soft all the way through. I also used the tip below and add a couple of dashes of Old Bay seasoning to the mix and to the garlic butter. These are a keeper!

  • I substituted a package of Kraft dry Italian dressing mix instead of the garlic and parsley. It was very very good.

  • My Aunt made these bisuits using Bisquik and they tasted "exactly" like Red Lobster's! I am a HUGE fan of RL's biscuits and these are an excellent replica of their's. YUM-YUM!! =)

  • I came over from the UK to visit a friend in Atlanta. While I was with her we visited RL. The biscuits were delicious and since we can't get them in the UK I decided to try to find the recipe on the internet. I've just made this recipe and they're just as I remember them. Thank you.

  • Great recipei!!! I couldnt find the scampi mix so I used Old Bay Garlic and Herb....there's a shrimp scampi recipe on the back...It worked our perfectly!!!

  • yummy! have made these twice now! They're awesome!

  • I have worked for red lobster and we use the scampi sause mixed with melted butter to flavor the tops of the bisquits after they have been cooked, and if you want that shape of red lobsters use a icecream scoop and throw the biscuits at the pan keep the spoon wet so the mixture wont stick to the spoon .....and back in the kitchen we eat tons of those things because well there free and there always fressh try them with ranch dressing or jelly ...

  • YUMMY!! My first visit to R.L. My husband said "YOU Have to Make this at home.." So I tried your recipe while he was at work.. I didn't have garlic powder so I used salt.. After 10 mins I pulled them out drizzled the garlic butter over them put them back in for about 2 mins and YUMMY!! Can't wait to try the Coc. shrimp..Thanks

  • This is a great recipe. I tried it over the weekend. I found the substitution for the garlic and butter mix. McCormicks has a shrimp scampi sause that I put on the biscuits after they came out of the oven and they turned out WONDERFUL. I added a little spice to mine as well. I diced up peppers and put them in the mix. They were great! Love the recipe!

  • These turned out great! I used a shrimp scampi sause made by McCormicks found in the seafood isle, instead of the 1/4 tsb of garlic and 1/4 cup of butter. They turned out identical to the RL version! My whole family loved them!

  • This is yummy! Thanks for the recipe :)

  • I'm thirteen, and today, I'm making the biscuits for the...fourth time, for my mom's birthday! Everyone really loves them, and if you put in enough cheese, garlic powder, and butter, they really do taste like red lobsters. My sister adores them, so thanks so much for putting this up ..^__^..

  • We used to have a R.L. here & it used to be a monthly treat for my son & I to go there. They closed "our" restaurant & when I found this recipe, I was ecstatic! My son LOVES them & so does EVERYONE else I have served them to!

  • Awesome biscuits that satisfy the RL craving. Made them for friends and now they can't stop talking about how much they taste like the real thing! Definitely a keeper!

  • I added a little bit of garlic to the biscuit mix and a pinch of onion to the butter. Was so close we don't need to go to the Restaurant and spend $50 on dinner just to get some biscuts! Thanks!

  • I tried this recipe last night with dinner and have to admit, they didn't turn out quite like I thought they would. My husband and I thought they were a bit salty but our two boys enjoyed them. I took the suggestion of some and included 1/2 pack of Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix to the dough. This seemed to cause the saltiness yet didn't add that "luster" that Red Lobster's biscuits has. I will try to make these again but maybe only use 1/4 package of the dry ranch mix and/or add a little garlic powder to the dough for extra flavor. After all, if at first you don't succeed then try, try again. Thanks for the recipe.

  • I came home from work the other day and ther was a note saying how good those Biscuits were. Any other time my cooking is a joke. But when it comes to these Biscuits im a hit, thanks.

  • I have made these biscuits for my family and they like them very much,even our daughter that does not like garlic. They are very easy to make.

  • Just tried these tonight and they were AWESOME!! I can't imagine why the one person said they were bad - and I really don't see how you could mess this up - its so easy! If your biscuits aren't coming out that light/fluffy, maybe you are stirring too much - stir till its just mixed. YUMMY!!!!

  • I added a good sprinkling of a McCormick salt-free seasoning called It's a Dilly to my dough mix instead of just garlic and got even better results

  • These biscuits were great! I used extra sharp cheddar and they were absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the great recipe :-)


  • Ok, I am pregnant and had an EXTREAM craving for Cheddar Bay Biscuits. So I went in search of a mock recipe and found this site. I just made them and I can tell you this, I am not craving them anymore! :-) They were quite yummy. I think I might tweak the recipe next time though, just a little bit- adding some minced garlic to the dough. But all in all, they were very good!

  • Gorgeous recipe...!!!! My husband is super picky and he loved them....!!!!;o) Thankyou SO much...!!!

  • I actually made these biscuits as a graduation gift to one of my friends. He LOVED them! (And so did my ten-year-old brother.)

  • I LUV these biscuits!!!

  • These biscuits are wonderful, very close to Red Lobster's. Only thing I would do different is to add a bit more garlic Thanks for the great recipe !!

  • My 15 year old son found this recipe after I stopped wanting to go to our local RL after two people got very ill with food poisoning. He loves RL biscuits. Well he made these and loves them and begs to make them all the time. I've been reading the other comments and we're going to try some of the variations suggested. Thanks for this awesome recipe and awesome website!

  • Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed this recipe. This simple and easy recipe is a favorite of the family. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  • i tried this recipe last night, and i even doubled the recipe because of the comments on your website. my family ate them all!! they were great! almost exactly like red lobsters. the only suggestion that i have is to use a crushed garlic clove in the melted butter, only because the garlic powder gets a little clumpy. they were great, we will definitely have these again.

  • better then red lobsters for sure great recipe

  • Pretty good! Deifantly not as good as Red Lobsters, but close!

  • Excellent! Very quick and easy to make. I was very surprised at how good they came out. My family said they like my biscuits better then Red Lobster's because I put more cheese in mine. Thank you, this recipe will make future dinners much better.

  • Well, these are good. To counter the "heavy" comments, I added 2 1/4 teaspoons of baking powder. I think they need more cheddar, will use more next time.

  • WOW!! Them biscuits are yum yum yum! To tell you the truth, I use to go to RL a lot and just order on the cheep, then get all the free biscuits I could EAT! Now, I still do that but, if I want some at midnight I can make them my self:) Sweet!

  • I've made this recipe repeatedly, and I'm not sure what's wrong with all these RAVERS. If you follow the recipe, these are so bland, not salty or buttery at all. I've altered it quite a bit and came a lot closer to red lobsters version I think, but as for 1/4 tsp garlic and 1/4 cup of butter?? u might as well not use it at all.

  • I have made theses before but used buttermilk and mixed everything together then baked them. It seems to bring out the taste a little better.

  • I love RL biscuits and ate there lastnight for early valentines day dinner, but when i saw this recipe I figured I would try it out. And oh, I have to say, EVEN BETTER!!!! I love them and I only go to RL for the biscuits, but now I have no reason to spend that much when I can make the biscuits I go there for at home! Thanks all!!

  • I tried the recipe and they were great! I also tried them with old cheese and they turned out just as good, but with a livlier taste.

  • I may thesee last night for dinner and the were the great, they taste better than Red Losters!!!

  • Im a Brit whose loved USA and RL for 25+ years, and thanks so much for this recipe... my friends are all jealous as I wont pass it on! Yum Yum....!

  • This recipe was a huge hit with my family. I made three batches! We're huge cheese-lovers, so I doubled the cheese. I used half shredded Colby Jack and half Kraft Mexican cheese blend. To the mix I also added a tiny bit of baking soda, a little granulated Garlic, as well as a sprinkle of dried parsely flakes and dried basil. I was so excited to see how closely they resembled Red Lobster's, only they were better. For the "scampi butter" to drizzle on top, I added to the melted butter: salt, pepper, dried parsely, dried basil, ranch dip/dressing mix, and granulated garlic. I spooned them out using one of those little cookie-dough scoops, and they took a little longer for me to bake, about 15 min. total. Delicious! Definitely try this awesome recipe. Thank you!

  • Great recipe! Stumbled upon a tasty innovation to add, though. I happened to have some leftover garlic roasted w/olive oil. Simply diced up a few cloves, added to some melted butter, and coated the warm bisquits. Makes a good thing even better, trust me...

  • These were soo good and almost exactly like Red Lobster's! The only thing i would do the next time i make them is make them smaller so that they cook a little more in the middle, other than that this recipe is a keeper!

  • I've never tasted Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits but these were excellent! I made these with your Pot Roast recipe and the two were amazing together!

  • You can get pretty close to the original by using 2 teaspons of Old Bay seasoning, and by adding 1/2 tsp. garlic powder and 1/2 tsp. Old Bay seasoning to the topping once they come out of the oven

  • Tried it twice...loved it both times...great recipe!

  • I used aged cheddar to give a stronger, cheesier taste and they were simply great! Thanks!

  • I tried the recipe and they were quite tasty but a bit heavier and not as fluffy as the RL's ones. RL is much more buttery and rich. I'm going to try some of the other suggestions (White Lily, baking powder, garlic in the dough) and see if that'll make the biscuits fluffier and richer. Thanks!

  • These biscuits are just like red lobster's! As an ex r.l. employee, i have a tip for everyone that wants to make them round like r.l.'s. They use an ice cream scoop to put the dough on the cookie sheet. They come out exactly the same size and perfectly round every time. Also, put parchment paper on the bottom of the sheet first, it makes them bake better and helps with clean up.


  • I made these about three years ago. They taste great! I couldnt stop making them! I think ill make them again this thanksgiving. Love this recipe

  • Just wanted to let you know these biscuits are awesome and so easy to make! My family loves 'em!

  • absolutely delicous! these go great with any meal

  • just wanted to say's the first time that i tried a recipe from your website and it was fabulous!! it tasted exactly like red lobster's....i made substitutions as per suggested by others like, using a muffin tin, adding 1/4 tsp of baking soda to the dough...i also used medium cheddar and used fresh pressed garlic cloves into the butter....they were great....will definitely try more recipes....thanks

  • Of course I added a little more cheese than recipe calls for! My husband thinks I'm a miracle worker in the kitchen, my kids just love them and I am supper MOM!! thanks, we'll keep this our little secret!!

  • Everyone loved these biscuits and they taste almost identical to RL. Thanks! It's a keeper!

  • I've got a picky husband, and I tried them this evening. WOW, he was impressed and that's not easly done.

  • This was delicious! Made it last night for my Bunco group. Everyone commented on how delish these biscuits were and how they were exactly like RLs. I doubled it - used buttermilk instead of regular milk - and used lots of butter, garlic, sea salt, and parsley in the 'pour over' sauce. I'll def. make these again - and again - and again... YUMMY!

  • My 13 yo daughter and I made these and they were wonderful!! Had to come back and find the recipe again and am planning on buying the book for convenience! Wonder if the people with bad experiences have old biscuit mix?

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