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Cheese Powders at Firehouse Pantry

Zuppa Toscana Soup
like Olive Garden's
Spicy sausage and bacon, russet potatoes and
greens in a creamy broth. A low-carbohydrate
alternative is also suggested.

Submitted By: Jessica Dudley
Serves: 10
Prep. Time:

1 lb. spicy Italian sausage - crumbled
1/2 lb. smoked bacon - chopped
1 qt. water
(2) 14.5 oz. cans (about 3 2/3 cups) chicken broth
2 lg. russet potatoes - scrubbed clean, cubed
2 garlic cloves - peeled, crushed
1 med. onion - peeled, chopped
2 cups chopped kale OR Swiss chard
1 cup heavy whipping cream
salt and pepper - to taste

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-In a skillet over medium-high heat, brown sausage, breaking into small pieces as you fry it; drain, set aside.
-In a skillet over medium-high heat, brown bacon; drain, set aside.
-Place water, broth, potatoes, garlic, and onion in a pot; simmer over medium heat until potatoes are tender.
-Add sausage and bacon to pot; simmer for 10 minutes.
-Add kale and cream to pot; season with salt and pepper; heat through.

Notes: I am currently on a low-carb diet (Atkins) and I have substituted cauliflower in place of the potatoes and you can't even tell the difference.

Make It A Meal: Serve with Bruschette like Carrabba'sģ and a salad with Dressing like the Olive Garden'sģ.

Visitor Comments

  • Hi...I'm Jessica Dudley and I submitted this recipe. I am so excited to see 123 wonderful comments. It's funny...I just figured out the recipe because I loved the soup so much, but it's great to see that many families like mine enjoy this soup so much. Thank you ALL for all your wonderful comments, and a big THANKS to Robbie for posting it. :-)

  • I go to Olive Garden just for this soup. I couldn't believe that it actually tastes the same. This is a great recipe, and also easy to make.

  • Instead of the whipping cream, try putting a package of dry ranch dressing mix in. Taste the same and way less calories!

  • The Zuppa Tuscanni recipe is excellent, I have made it twice in the last month and everyone raves about it. It is very close to the Olive Garden version.

  • I loved it! The rest of my family thought it was too spicy, so next time I will use half spicy, half regular sausage. But the flavor is just the same as Olive Garden's, and this is my favorite soup there! Good job!


  • This recipe is perfect and even tastes a little better than the OG version. Here is how I modified it: I used ButterBall turkey bacon (because BB is the best when it comes to turkey bacon) instead of real bacon. I used red potatoes and sliced them like thick chips instead of cubing Russets. The kale, rip it more so than chopping it for bigger bites. Everyone I let taste it at work loved it. And I must say, I eat this soup as a meal and rightly so, because it tastes so great! One last thing, the recipe serving size must be for cups, because I got about 3.5 - 4 bowls out of a half recipe. I wish I would have made the full knowing this.

  • My husband and I go to The Olive Garden specifically for this soup. We tried your recipe and it was absolutely delicious. We have also tried the low-carb version, that is to substitute cauliflower for the potatoes, very delicious as well! I love your website, keep up the good work!

  • This soup is awesome and identical to Olive Garden's. To save some time and a mess, I used Real Bacon Bits in place of frying and crumbling the bacon and it still tasted awesome with a little less grease.

  • this soup is exactly like the soup in the restaurant. I like mild spicy so instead of spicy Italian sausage i used chorizo sausage. its spicy but not too spicy. this is the best recipe ive made from the internet in a long time BEST SOUP EVER. thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

  • I love this soup!!! I did something different. I used morning sausage (hot) & ham sausage mixed together. Cooked bacon, chopped greens (frozen). You can't tell it is not Olive Garden. Thank you so much for this great web site & easy to follow recipe

  • I just wanted to say that we tried your recipe last night and it tasted *just* like Olive Garden's! I did use all broth instead of part water to make sure it had lots of flavor. Very good recipe!

  • This soup is my favorite menu item at Olive Garden. I was skeptical to try it but I'm so glad I did. It is delicious! I have to say that I used baby spinach instead of Kale and I used chicken/turkey Italian sweet sausage instead of spicy. You can't tell the difference. The results were extremely similar. Thanks for a great recipes that I'll definitely use again.

  • The Zuppa Toscana soup recipe was absolutely delicious, we thought we were in the Olive Garden! We had Garlic Sticks with it and it was as good or better than their soup. Thanks sooo much for the recipe.

  • My husband and I had gone to the Olive Garden for supper on New Years Eve. I had the Zuppa Toscana Soup and loved it. On our way home we were discussing how much we both loved the soup and how we wished I had the recipe to make it. My husband got on the computer and found your sight and there it was. Thank you so much for the recipe sight. I made the soup and it was just like we remembered. Thanks Again.

  • Just wanted to let you know I made the Zuppa Toscana last night and it was wonderful. My husband, who gets scared when I try new things, really liked it. And my 6 year old son loved it too. He wasn't afraid of the Kale at all. Of course, anything with bacon in it, will taste great.

  • If you wont eat all the soup at once, keep kale to the side, add as you need it, and reheat, still tastes great.

  • First time to make this and it is just wonderful. Thank you so much, I will pass this site on to friends and family.

  • Super Target has the perfect ground mild Italian sausage, and the target brand hardwood smoked bacon make this recipe way better than Olive Garden's toscana. I make this recipe at least once a week. My wife would live on this if i'd let her. thanksThank you Robbie! I loved the recipe. The zuppa toscana was great! It taste better than Olive Garden. Me and my fiance used idaho potatoes. We couldn't find the russets (it taste the same) We coud'nt find kale greens, so we used different greens. My fiance and I decided that this was the best soup ever!

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful recipe. I love eating Olive Gardens Zuppa Toscana Soup, but I no longer have to go there to get it! This recipe honestly tasted the same, if not better. Now that I know how wonderful this recipe is, I will be regularly visiting this web site for many more recipes! Thank you again!

  • This Recipe is Awesome! Let me first say I am a horrible cook. I canít even make chicken and noodles right. This recipe is so easy to follow and it really dose taste just like Olive Gardenís Soup. It wasnít that expensive either. There is a lot of preparation time, but Iím sure after making it a few times that will be shortened. I am a real critic and let me tell you I have no complaints here. This soup is just about the only reason I go to Olive Garden and I hardly ever get to go because my husband isnít too interested in that place. Now I can finally make it at home. Thank you so much for this great recipe!

  • I tried this soup last night. I cannot tell the difference between this and what they serve at Olive Garden. Indeed, this recipe is pure gold. THANK YOU!

  • I tried your recipe and man is it good. I go to the olive garden weekly just for the zuppa soup and I have to say yours is better. I liked that it was so simple to make but yet so tasty. I have told all my friends about your recipe.

  • I tried the Zuppa Toscana recipe and it was excellent. Everyone loved it.

  • Easy to make with a great flavor.

  • I made zuppa toscana soup ( olive garden). fantastic!!! better than olive gardens, more flavorful.

  • Excellent soup. In the interest of saving time and calories, I made this substituting cauliflower for potatoes, and the suggested ranch dressing mix for heavy whipping cream. I found this to be a bit too salty for our tastes (due to the dressing mix,) so the next time I made it, I used half a package of ranch dressing mix and half a cup of fat free half & half. Quite yummy! I also use bagged (prewashed and sorted) baby spinach and the pre-cooked bacon slices, in order to save time. The pre-cooked bacon also has less fat than traditional bacon slices. A delicious soup we will make over and over this winter! Thank you.

  • I have tried making this on my own before and had all the ingred. the same except the broth and cream. My family loves it and I am passing on this one. Excellent!!!

  • I have tasted a lot of soup and have enjoyed them all! But I must say Olive Garden's is by far the best soup ever. I found your recipe and made a large pot for my family. mmmmmm good!

  • i love your soup it is so delicous i had it three times in one week. I tried to cook it and it tasted great. i loved it thanks so much!!!

  • This was absolutely delicious. It tasted the same as Olive Garden's. My husband couldn't get enough.

  • Great soup!

  • This is absolutely fabulous. This is my husband's favorite soup at Olive Garden. Actually, this recipe is BETTER than the restaurant.

  • Thanks so much! It's easy and very very good.

  • WOW, almost exactly like I was in the restaurant! Prep time was fast and easy! Nothing like a good hearty bowl of this in the winter to warm up the taste buds!

  • I love it. Thanks so much! A+

  • i have recently made this recipe...i doubled the recipe so i could freeze some.i also substituted 1 can evaporated milk and about 1 cup of 1/2 and 1/2 cream..for the heavy whipping cream. i also put red crushed pepper flakes in the sausage along with some crushed basil and also put 2 bay leaves in the soup while it was cookiing..i used almost 2 quarts of low sodium chicken broth was awesome..and had some to freeze..the kale is a perfect addition to this soup...i used 1 pound of sweet italian sausage and 1 pound of JOHNSONVILLE GARLIC SAUSAGE ..ALL REMOVED FROM THEIR CASINGS...WHAT FLAVOR THIS GAVE THE SOUP...!!!!MY HUBBY LOVED IT AND I SERVED IT WITH BAGEL CHIPS ...GREAT FOR DIPPING IN THE BROTH,TOO!
    This soup is the bomb, terrific, cant get enough of.... so easy to make

  • Thank you, thank you for adding info about making a healthier version (cauliflower for carbs) My sister brought the original recipe to a family reunion and it was delicious. I made it using FF 1/2 and 1/2 and it was just as good.

  • Fantastic! Everyone who tasted is said it is better than OG recipe. Two items, I could not find "spicy" italian, so I took mild, or sweet as they call it and added crushed fennel seed to the soup, added a lot of flavor, second I used a wok to cook the bacon, cut the slab in half and toss both halve in until it was cooked, but not to the point of crunchy, tried it that way once and it was like having grit in the soup. If the bacon is cooked brown but tender, it adds so much more to the soup. Great recipe!

  • Fantastic, better than the original!

  • I remember first having this soup at olive garden and knowing that it was the perfect soup to satisfy my taste buds. this recipe is excellent and might even be better than the one at olive garden. i like it spicy so i add more spicy italian sausages to it. it's absolutely fantastic.

  • I use your recipe regularly and it is sooooo good!! I divide the pot in half and just add the kale and cream to the soup we are having and and save the second batch for a later meal in the week. Bellisima!!!

  • My husband used your receipe tonight and I LOVED IT!!! I think it is even better than the Olive Garden version. We can't wait to make it for our Bible study group!!

  • Thankyou so much for putting this recipe online for everyone to try. My brother and sister-in-law looovee this soup so I decided to try to make it. I found this site and tried the recipe. It tastes really good! It's taste is very similar to the Olive Garden one. Thanks again

  • I made the soup twice and both times it was excellent,I use Bob Evans Spicy sausage and precooked real bacon bits.

  • My wife and I love olive garden. However, try using saffron as the seasoning compared to using red pepper flakes. That is the biggest difference I can see as far as the flavor goes with the dish.

  • Hey, I figured out how many calories are in this soup (the low calorie way). If you use a lower fat sausage, ranch dip instead of the cream, Baco's instead of fatty bacon, and cauliflower instead of potatoes, and just use chicken bullion (3 with 3 3/4 cups water), this soup has 137 calories for a 1 cup serving. I know it sounds like a lot of substitutes, but it still tates like the Olive Garden's soup! The only thing I wouldn't substitute next time would be the potatoes...that would make it 190 per 1 cup serving. Thanks a ton - I love this soup!

  • I love the Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana and I always order it when I go. I tried this recipe hoping that it would taste the same, but I'm glad it didn't. Your version tasted almost the same, but so much better. My husband and I went to the Olive Garden the other night and he said this recipe was even better. Thanks!

  • Easily done, and next time I will cut the fat and get some of the precooked bacon. At first I thought it was a little spicy, since I could only get HOT Italian sausage -- but on the second bowl it was just right. Not too hard to prepare, and was greatly appreciated by my husband, who wanted to drive 45 miles to the closest Olive Garden!

  • I've always loved this soup at the Olive Garden and was excited to try this recipe. It does not disappoint! The flavor was right on. THANKS!

  • This soup was awesome and just as good as the Olive Grdens if not better. The 3rd time I made it I used all chicken broth instead of any water and it made a really rich flavor filled base which my family prefered to the water and broth version. Either way it was great thanks so much.

  • I just finished making the soup and it was absolutely delicious! It is BETTER than Olive Garden's! I like my soup a bit spicier, so I added crushed red pepper to taste. I also minced the cooked bacon and sausage in my food processor. Thanks a bunch! Your website is THE BOMB, Miss Robbie!!!

  • It is a great success and always receives many compliments. Easy to make, several options (type of sausage, more or less heavy whipping cream, more or less kale). I always, however, when asked, just give out the original recipe and recommend they "make it their own", to their tastes. I also recommend thick sliced bacon, cooked, drained and chopped. The bacon bits, or precooked bacon you can buy just lowers the quality of soup.

  • My wife loves this soup, so I made it for her following your recipe. Thank you! I added a few leaves of broccoli rabe.

  • This soup was great, better than Olive Garden

  • My husband and I just made this soup tonight and it was just like Olive Garden. We loved it, yummy. Thank you so much.

  • Before I became a vegan I was in love with this soup so I took a shot at veganizing it and it's so fabulous!! I cut the recipe in half and replaced the sausage with half a pound of Publix Greenwise Veggie Sausage Links (cooked and crumbled), a quarter pound of Lifelite Bacon (chopped and cooked) and Silk Soy Milk to replace the cream. I ended up using 2 cups of milk as opposed to half a cup to make it a little "brothier" and added 3 cups of kale as opposed to one cup to boost the vitamin A, vitamin C and protein. Not only was this vegan Zuppa Toscanna fabulous (!!), it was cruelty-free, hormone-free (it's anybody's guess as to what's in store bought sausage and bacon), free of the fear of "did I cook the bacteria and e-coli out of it?!", AND about 5 grams of fat per serving with NO CHOLESTEROL!! So you can have a delicious meal that's healthyfor your body AND spare dozens of animals a painful upbringing and inhumane death. ENJOY!!

  • Made this tonight! It was wonderful!

  • I have tried it and it is really like the olive garden Zuppa Toscana. I am amazed on how easy this recipe is. Thank you so much!

  • I was thrilled to find this recipe and even more so when it came out JUST LIKE Olive Gardens! I served it with garlic bread and salad and it was great! Thanks!

  • excellent, I have added mushrooms, great texture.

  • this homemade version was excellent. I used Trader Joes spicy italian chicken sausage and real bacon bits browned together, it helped shorten the cooking time even more. This was very quick and easy.

  • this soup is off the heezy!

  • This has become a favorite meal at our house! I have been making it at least once a month for the past year. I use a package of fresh, sliced mushrooms instead of potatoes to reduce the carbs. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

  • My roommate and I love this soup. Instead of bacon strips, we use bacon ends and parts (you can usually find them right by regular bacon) Its a bit less fat and its easier to cut the meat into bite size pieces. Also, we've found that if you make the soup and then let it sit for awhile (at least a few hours, or overnight in the fridge then reheat it) the flavors marry a lot better and it has a lot better flavor. Thanks for the great recipe!

  • love this good....i use sage sausage as i cant find italian...thanks for your recipes...

  • This recipe tastes just like the Olive Garden's. I did use the Dry Ranch dressing instead of the heavy cream was very good. A+++

  • Being a great fan of all you can eat soup and salad with Toscana being my favorite. I tried this recipe and it was very similar to Olive Garden's however, I used more potatoes and it was great! I would definately recommend this recipe to anyone. Very easy.....Thanks to you Robbie, I no longer have order it and enjoy many other favorites...Keep up the good work. You won my vote.

  • I had lunch at a friend's house 2 days ago and she served this soup. I had no idea what it was or what was in it, but it was yum-m-m-m-my. She's sent me the recipe and now I'll pass it on to family & friends. I'd try linguica (Portuguese sausage) in it. I'd use the turkey linguica for less calories. If I can't find it - who cares - a little dab will do me.

  • You hit the ball out of the park on this one! I was going to try and freeze the leftovers...are you KIDDING? There was not a drop left after my family tried is soooo yummy! Hint: I like soup a bit creamy and thick so I took a half cup of cold water and mixed in two Tablespoons of corn starch...then add to your finished soup..stir and POW..nice creamy soup. This soup is so forgiving if you mildy tweak the ingredients for diet considerations. I was in a hurry once so I used a can of cooked whole potatoes and it was great. Also, if you are serving children do go with half the amount of red pepper..but do use the other half. This is now my favorite soup and a staple in my diet...thanks!!! Every one at work drools when I heat it up in the microwave..;)

  • Here's a trick...Take a ladel or two of the soup, puree with a blender and add back and simmer for another 20 minutes...this will thicken the soup to a consistency like Olive Garden...or add 1 cup shredded potatoe to the mixture when you start..and after simmering this will thicken the soup a the Zuppa Toscana does have some thickness to it

  • I made this for the 2nd time last night, and both times it turned out FABULOUS!! I used frozen spinach rather than kale, only because that's what I had on hand. I also used half & half rather than heavy cream, and neither substitution made much of a difference. Awesome!!

  • Oh. My. God. IDENTICAL to Olive Garden's and it's even better the next day. Easy to make. I drained the cooked sausage in a colander & rinsed it with hot water to cut some of the fat content...still plenty flavorful even after that.

  • I made this soup and brought it to the office, everyone agreed it was just like at Olive Garden. I find it easier to use sausage patties in recipes like this rather than breaking up sausage links. Fantastic!

  • I have got to be the worst cook - but I thought I'd try this soup. My family was shocked; it was GREAT. I did go a little mild on the italian sausage but otherwise the taste was just like Olive Garden. Thanks and now I want to try other recipes.

  • This soup was absolutely FABULOUS! I admit I was skeptical as to the taste - but it was like having Olive Garden deliver. Tips: It may be just me - but 2 potatoes werent enough - I like a 'heartier' soup so next time I will add a 3rd and possibly more Kale. Also make sure to COMPLETELY drain that italian sausage. My soup has a nice skin of grease on it...but its still FABULOUS.

  • I made this soup but was unable to get Italin sausage or Kale. so I subsited ground beef seasoned with Italin seasioning. tasted just as good, in fact I am eating it right now!!!

  • I made this for dinner tonight and I was floored. It was so delicious! I used a cup of half and half and half an envelope of the ranch dressing mix as advised above, and it was stunning. I'm taking the rest to work tomorrow to share with everyone. Kudos!

  • This soup is great!! The recipe is perfect!

  • Loved the soup, told friends and family, definitelly will use it again!

  • During winter months we use jimmy dean maple sausage and maple bacon. Gives it that warm holiday feel and is great.
    My daughter-in-law made this soup recently and added one can Northern beans to receipe, which made it richer. It tasted great, flavor just like Olive Garden's

  • I made your recipe for my speech class at college. Everyone loved it

  • including me and my husband. Thank you so much, I never thought I'd find a recipe for it. This soup is my absolute favorite. I actually made mine in a crock pot, just browned the sausage and bacon and put everything but the kale and cream in until the last half hour and it was fabulous! Thank you.

  • Oh my gosh.... this was a hit!!! My picky daughter said it was exactly like Olive Gardens. The only thing we added was a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Terrific!!!

  • great...My husband and I have cut the sausage amount in 1/2.

  • I must say I was not sure how this would turn out. To my surprise as the other comments say...its even better!! I made it exactly as above, perfect! Great recipe!! I will definately be making this one again and again!!! Thanks soooo much again!! A+++

  • I love it! everytime I make it it's all gone the night I make it!! love it love it love it

  • Oh my goodness. This is best soup that I have ever tried. I even think that it is better then the Olive Garden's version.

  • I had never tried this soup at OG, but it sounded intriguing and I always like to try new recipes. My Ma loved it so much she took it to work; she ended up calling me at lunch time to get the link for your site because at least 5 of her co-workers were dying for the recipe. It was honestly even more delicious the next day. This will be a winter staple at my house!

  • there are no words to describe it but Awesome!

  • When we go to Olive Garden, this is  the soup that we order. When I found this recipe I had to try it... Well of course everyone LOVED it... It tastes BETTER than the Olive Gardens... My son thinks it is the bacon because bacon makes everything better. My husband likes it because I added a little bit more potato so he actually gets some in his soup, he feels cheated everytime we get it at OG. I add more broth to it also because my family loves this that it doesn't stick around! Try this recipe and you will not have to go to Olive garden to get it... it is so simple to make!

  • I was very skeptical when I found the recipe, but it is delicious and exactly like Olive Garden's. My 10 year old son absolutely loves it too. This was a great find! Thanks.

  • Loved the recipe. I thought it was exacly how it was at the olive garden. Everyone in our family loved it especially our grandmother who grew up on italian cooking and critiques everything.

  • This recipie is awsome!! It was extremly easy to prepare. I absolutely love it. The closet Olive Garden is aproximately 35 miles from my home. Now I can make my favorite soup without the long drive.

  • O My, Just like the real thing. If my husband didnt see me making it, he would of thought it was bought.

  • This recipe is exactly like Olive Garden. My fiance loved the soup and he said it tasted just like Olive Garden's. This is a must try recipe and it only took an hour to prepare.

  • OH MY GOSH! I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!!

  • this is my favorite soup at olive garden and i have tried this recipe at home, it is outstanding. i've tailored it a bit mainly mre potatoes but everyone in my family loves it.

  • having visiited the Olive Garden on visits to U.S.A. to our daughter who lives there, I dream about the lovely soup. Have now made it from your recipe and it's exactly as i remember it. The family love it too. I use Chorizo sausage as it give a strong taste, maybe too strong for some but we love it. Thank you. Carole (Great Britain)

  • VERY!! VERY!! GOOD!! I love this soup and couldn't wait to taste it. I was not disappointed one bit. It was even good the next day when I took it in my lunch. Give it a try, you will be glad you did.

  • Imade this soup this past weekend WOW!!!!. I used 6 cups broth and 2 cups water and it was "spot on"!!!.My boss and her husband said it waws even better than olive garden. I will definetly be making this soup on a regular basis. Thanks for printing this recipe.

  • I tried this recipe this past weekend and wow!!!! it was "spot on"!!!I will definately be making this again and again! Good job!

  • I am a horrible cook and this is the first recipe I made that actually turned out good! My housemates loved it and all raved that it tasted just like the Olive Garden's soup!

  • We love it. For those who live in Utah, Use the spicy italian sausage they have it gives it a little more zip than that at the Olive Garden. We loved it. Also if you are not going to use it all in one sitting don't add the cream because it seems to break down when you reheat it. It still tastes good but doesn't look as good.


  • Made this today for the first time and it was just awesome! I'd probably put more potatoes in next time but everything else was perfect!
    Super Soup. Thanks

  • Your soup is fantastic.

  • Mmm, mmm, good! Great garnished with asiago cheese and served with a crusty garlic bread.

  • This is awesome we loved it. I used evaporated canned milk instead of the cream. I also added an extra potato to the soup. This will definately be made alot in the winter at our house.

  • I was kinds scared when I made this wondering if it would taste right...Well you have proved me wrong! It is so good. It was cheaper to make it then go out! Thanks for the recipe!

  • I tried this Zuppa Tuscana receipe and I love it! Concerning the post:"We have also tried the low-carb version, that is to substitute cauliflower for the potatoes, very delicious as well!". I am also on a low carb diet and I tried the receipe this way, however, cauliflower changes the flavor too much. I substituted cubed turnips and parsnips for the potatoes, same texture (or near to potatoes) without the overpowering flavor of cauliflower. This soup has become a staple in my house. Thanks for the receipe.

  • I had never been to an Olive Garden, but made this soup for a company dinner, and we all loved it! A couple of weeks later we visited Washington state and finaly went to an Olive Garden. I ordered this soup. I must say I preferred your version to the original! Awesome!

  • I LOVE THIS SOUP FROM OLIVE GARDEN.. i made it myself and my boyfriend and family said it was BETTER than olive gardens.. it is DELICIOUS!!!!!! perfect recipe!! u should try it!!

  • I thought this recipe was wonderful! I'm on Weight Watchers and I try to de-fat everything to keep points low. I substituted sausage flavor Morningstar Farms soy crumbles for the sausage and I used fat free half-and-half in place of the heavy cream. It wasn't quite as good as Olive Garden's, but it's pretty damn close and only half the points as the "real" thing.

  • I added sauteed mushrooms to step 4, 4 cubes of chicken bouillon to step 3, and handful of shredded parmesan cheese to each serving....awesome!!

  • I made this at work today( a restaurant) and everybody raved aout it! I also made it for some friends and they also thought it was awesome! THANKS!

  • This is awesome soup. And something about that ranch dressing mix really does give soup that extra taste...I have other recipes that call for it. I ran out and subbed dry Italian dressing mix and also used turkey sausage and evap. milk. Still like the potatos, though...but there's no need to be a piggy if you can sub the taste for something healthy.

  • this soup was great. And I love this soup from OG...and this was even better... I was'nt really sure how it was going to come out...ladies...believe me this was some great soup...My family counld'nt get enought of it...

  • This recipe is great-I'm always short on time so I used a 10 oz package of chopped frozen spinich and even the teenager like it!

  • I am eating my first attempt at this soup right now. It is excellant! I used small red skinned potatoes and cauliflower. And I cant even tell the difference b/n the potato or the cauliflower. I used maple sausage and the hickory smoked bacon but added a small can of green chilis for a very mild heat. 5oz can of evaporated milk and 1 cup half and half. I did add a bit of cornstarch to thicken but not sure if it thickened much. I did forget to drain the sausage so I have a skim of grease but that's ok I'll remember the next time! I used baby spinach as I couldn't find kale or swiss chard. I like very much that I can control how much garlic(and onion as I didn't add any) and heat is in this dish. Thanks so much!

  • I was so excited when I found your web site and this recipe. I am shocked at how much this taste like the real thing. Thanks !!!

  • It was fabulous. The first time I made it I used mild Italian sausage (removed casing). It wasn't quite right. The 2nd time, I used hot Italian sausage. That's it! fabulous. The hot sausage made it just like Olive Garden.

  • Yeah, so it's pretty sad, but i pretty much work at the Olive Garden for the Zuppa Toscana. One thing i can recommend is to use Johnsonville spicy sausages, cause thats what the store recipe calls for and the sausage makes the soup. Also missing is the touch of crushed red peppers that give the soup a little kick... a little too much sometime if the store recipe is not followed, but for a guy who likes spicy food I love it with extra. Also if your looking for the duplicate taste use pancetta (italian bacon)it is used in the resteraunt version. Good Luck and Thank god for Zuppa Toscana!

  • I followed the recipe exactly, only I cooked the liquid down a little to thicken the soup. I made a double batch for a brodal shower and everyone loved it, it tasted exactly like Olive Garden. I will definitely make this again!

  • I became obsessed with making this and found this recipe online. I tweaked a few things from the other comments left ie: white beans, turkey bacon, pack of ranch mix, 1/2 pound hot sausage & 1/2 pound of Italian, added more potatoes & garlic, used 1 cup of 1/2 & 1/2, only chicken broth and used frozen spinach. It is Delicious!I plan to eat this all week for lunch & make again once hubby is back home.

  • I made this soup tonight! My super picky husband even declared it Better than Olive Garden's. We both agree that it is thicker and heartier than the soup we get at our local Olive Garden.

  • It works well and it's just like being there but I add Canellini beans for some texture and make it a main dish for sure...Thank you for sharing...

  • This soup is fantastic!! I won't even order the Zuppa at Olive Garden anymore when I know I can make it at home for so much cheaper and even yummier in my opinion!! At my parents house for the holidays and making this tonight for dinner :)

  • This was dead on! PERFECTO! Thanks!

  • this recipe so rocks...just make it...lots!

  • Whenever I make this soup, yum yum, I place a towel over the soup and it attracts all the fat!!!!So simple to do, no muss no fuss and just toss it in the trash.

  • I LOVE THIS SOUP!!! I have been dying to get the recipe and ta da! Here it is! thanks so much!!!

  • I am so glad I discovered this recipe it is fabulous!! I used turkey sausage and turkey bacon to cut down on the fat. Did not affect the flavor one bit. This is a fantastice recipe! I shared it some of the folks at work... they loved it. Thanks!

  • I live in International Falls, MN so nearest Olive Garden is quite a distance. Love this soup, really love that I can now make it at home. I used the hot Italian sausage and added crushed red peppers - perfect. Only change I would make would be to add more potatoes.

  • Today is the first time that I've tried this recipe, and I must say I loved it!!! My husband went crazy went he heard I made zuppa.. That's the reason we go to OG. Now we can have it at home. The only thing I did different was I didn't have whipp. cream, so I added sour cream instead and we coudn't taste the difference! I already told my sister-in-law about it, and she'll make it next!.. Thank you very much!!!

  • DELICIOUS! This soup is even better than Olive Garden's when you tweak this recipe a little. For extra body and texture, shred one potato and add it when you add the 3-4 cubed potatoes to the pot. Then either blend a cup or two in the blender before added it back to the pot or take a potato ricer and mash the onions and potato in the soup until thicken. Make sure to leave some potato cubes whole!!! I added 3/4 bunch of shredded kale. I also used the cooked smoked Oscar Meyer bacon bits, 3/4 package of dry ranch dressing mix, 1/2 cup of nonfat half & half, a pinch of dried crushed thyme and basil leaves. Pepper liberally. We absolutely love this with fresh, oven baked breadsticks sprinkled with parm, garlic powder, and sprayed with butter.

  • Great recipe, I double the ingredients so that I can use the whole pound of bacon. Another touch I found, I used the johnsonville mild sausage, just removed the casing, then let it simmer for a few hours before adding the cream and Kale. For a final touch I grind a tablespoon of Fennel seed and add it in. Perfect, been told even better than OG.

  • found this recipe after trying this soup at Olive how wonderful it turned 10yr cant get enough!!! i didnt use heavy whipping cream, I used regular whipping cream..would like to try a lower fat version that will taste good...

  • This was WAY better than the real thing. After I was finished and tasted it I couldn't believe that I made something that tasted this good! I doubled up on the ingredients and made a big pot to eat for lunches or dinners through out the week. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipee that will now be a staple in our house!

  • I hadn't been to the OG in about 10-12 years, and saw this soup on the menu and thought it sounded good. I had it last night and have been searching the 'net today looking for the recipe! It was awesome, and I am pleased to have found your recipe; I will be trying it today. My question is about the sausage: The menu touted "spicy" sausage, but my bowl of soup seemed rather mild. Do you think a sweet sausage was used, or does the flavor/heat temper down with the cooking? I will be experimenting with the low carb version as well, but I want to master the "original" first! Thanks for the recipe.

  • thank you very very very much, it's real fast to make and perfect for the cold weather. i kinda put ground pork instead of bacon (more meat, less fats..i m hoping) i make it twice a week now, and i will till i get tired of it, which is not gonna happen anytime soon:) thanks again.

  • I LOVE THIS SOUP! After I tasted I knew that this was it!!! It tastes just like olive garden"s. I did not use the kale( I normally pick it out anyway) and I used garlic powder instead of garlic. It was phenomenal!!! Kudos!!!

  • This soup was delicious & taste just like Olive Garden! The only change I had to make was using 2tsp. minced garlic(in the jar type) instead of fresh garlic cloves. Your recipe is right-on!

  • Tried this one tonight. We were also skeptical but it was excellent. We added parm cheese to sprinkle at the end and left out the bacon and it was spot on yummy.

  • Loved the low carb version. Did not have the kale so it missed a little something. Next time I need to use hot sausage to give it the kick... this was still great

  • I use fancy (curly) parsley in place of the kale. During the summer, this is easy to come by in our garden. I also use morning sausage which adds great heat and taste.

  • I went to Olive Garden and tried the soup for the first time last week, it was so good I decided to make it for myself, to keep on hand in the freezer to eat on those cold nights.

  • I hated not being able to eat this soup very often because there isn't an Olive Garden close to me. I found this recipe and now I'm very happy, because I can make it whenever I want! My hubby loves it!

  • I love it . Thanks for the recipe. It's my favorite. I'm glad I found the recipe.

  • This recipe was great. I made it for the first time, and it tasted just like Olive Gardens Soup. Thanks for the recipe!

  • tried this recipe and although Olive gardens version is perfect. this one is quite good. i suggest using covolo greens or Dinosaur Kale if you can find it (just like olive garden but hard to find) also do not cube the potatoes... slice them in 1/4" slices and then quarter the slices.

  • Imagine how thrilled I was when I Googled "Recipe Zuppa Toscana" and found this recipe here! I made it today and LOVED it. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  • Tastes just like olive gardens! Perfect! Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this recipe. It is so absolutely delicious. The only thing i changed in the recipe is I doubled the kale and it was perfect. It tastes exactly like the Olive Garden! I will be making this alot this winter

  • I add 1/2 teaspoon of fennel seed it adds a little something to this soup my family loves it.I also use half and half.

  • I love the recipe. I used spinach and no bacon and it was delicous.

  • This recipe is so much better than the Olive Garden version. It's richer and has a heartier flavor and texture. I've made this soup many times and each time I get told I need to make it again--soon. The only problem I have is finding a big enough pot--you can never make too much of this stuff!

  • Just made this soup for my husband and I and it was to-die-for! At first I was a little skeptical when I read other comments that it tastes 'exactly like Olive Garden's', so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, the comments were so true! In fact, I think it tastes even better!! Thanks, Robbie, your site is the greatest! :)

  • THIS IS AMAZING! i go to the Olive Garden JUST because i crave this soup all the time, and this recipe makes me want to jump up and down with joy! if made correctly the soup comes out EXACTLY the same as the one at Olive Garden! i couldn't even tell the difference in a blind taste test! thank you so much for this wonderful contribution!!!

  • i loved this recipe, thank you

  • We us to go to Olive Garden all the time for their Zuppa Soup;but now that I found your recipe we make it ourself. We love this soup. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Your Zuppa Toscana soup recipe is delicious ! My husband and I have enjoyed Olive Garden's for years.Now we can enjoy this wonderful soup at home without driving 40 miles. Thanks for savng us a lot of gas money !!!

  • Awesome!!! Our whole family LOVES it! We tried a lighter version, skipped the cream and used lowfat milk.....still fabulous!!!

  • I was very interested in this recipe as the "OG" soup is one of my all time favorites. I made your version tonight for my husband and I, and, I must say I was really impressed. To me, it even tasted better than the "real" version. I am so thankful for your recipe and finding it online. From now on this soup will be a regular meal in our home. Thank You! Thank You!!!

  • I used your recipe to make the soup for my family. They love it!

  • My wife says I did it perfect!!!! It was just like without the waiter.We made chicken parm to go along with the soup. I waited all week to make the soup and it was worth the wait!We are taking it to our adoption party to share with other adopting parents.Its o.g. but on the cheap.Thanks for making my wife happy!!

  • Maybe I missed something, but I made this recipe as written and it is awful. Way too much sausage and it's runny. What a waste of money!

  • I must say this soup is very good just as good if not better then OG we go there alot but lately it has not been in our budget because we have a new baby on the way!! But i really wanted this soup so I follow the direction and made it my family love it I'm taking some to work to share it with my co-workers LOVE IT!!!

  • HOLY CRAP...YOU ARE AWESOME...I tried the low-carb version with the Cauliflower and my husband went wild...he said it was BETTER than Olive Gardens!!!! Thanks A MILLION!

  • Thank you so much for posting this recipe!! You are either a master chef with great taste or got the recipe from olive garden!! This is Great!!

  • Every time I go to Olive Garden I swear I am going to try to replicate this recipe but I never do. Anyway I made this tonite and even with my changes it was almost exactly like the restaurant! I couldn't stop eating it. My daughter never liked this when I got it but she loved this because of the changes. We are ALWAYS dieting so we used Jennie O turkey italian sausage & a turkey smoked bacon made without nitrites. I subbed spinach for the kale ( which I never really liked but ate because I LOVED the soup so much ) Also I used fat-free 1/2 & 1/2 instead of the whipping cream. Just as delicious w/o all the fat! Thank you soooo much!

  • I use turkey sausage, light chiken broth, cauliflower, and fat free half and half. Tastes great!

  • Me and my friends go to OG just for this soup. I made this soup for the first time and it was soooo good and taste just like the OG's zuppa toscana!!! GOOD JOB!!!

  • I tried this recipe and wow is was just like olive garden's soup.When i make it my sons always want some so i have to double the recipe and that still isn't enough...Thank you to whom ever put this out there.

  • My husband likes this version better than Olive Garden's ! I added 1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes and substituted evaporated milk for the heavy cream, but next time I'll use the heavy cream.

  • My Son goes to The Olive Garden just for this soup.... Sorry Olive Garden , Momma makes this soup at home and according to him better. I love it because he comes home more.. Thanks Jessica

  • absolutely perfect soup...we doubled the recipe (used half-half instead of whipping cream and minced garlic) and still didn't couldn't get i have to make it again! thanks!

  • Love it!! We go to OG about 3 times a month for the boyfriend and family request I make it every weekend! Thanks for the recipe :)


  • I'm a HUGE meat eater (16oz ribeyes for life y'all!!!). But this soup could easily be made with 1/2 the meat. The Olive Garden version uses no more that a 1/3. Other than that this soup is a perfect.

  • I followed the recie to the "T". I wasn't sure how much bacon was 1/2 pound- cooke or other. I chopped 1/2 cup of the pre-cooked microwave bacon. I used another suggestion of a ladel or two of the soup, puree and add back. Great idea. Thanks for this great- sure fire recipe.

  • I make this all the time, but I use sweet italian sausage with 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes, red potatoes and a small chopped onion. Everyone LOVES this soup, my husband likes it better that OG!

  • I'm a HUGE meat eater (16oz ribeyes all the way) but this soup can be made w half the bacon and sausage and it would taste just as good or better. The Olive Garden version uses no more than a 1/3 of the meat. Other than that this recipe tastes increadible and true to the original

  • This soup is my favorite thing to order and I was really skeptical when I made it at home....but it tastes just the same! Not only is it good, but the recipe is really versatile and I have been able to "mix it up" and also use it as a starting point for other recipes I have.

  • 1 word-AWESOME

  • IT was awesome. I couldn't stomach the fat in the heavy cream, so I used a cup of skim instead. If you're worried about fat content, it honestly still tasted really good (not using heavy cream). I also used Jenny O's Italian turkey sausage, - still awesome!

  • It's perfect. Exactly right. A keeper. Thanks!

  • OMG! I found this recipe yesterday and went right to the store to get all ingredients. I had to substitute frozen mustard greens and used red potatoes...I also put a pinch of italian seasoning in and this is by far the BEST soup I have EVER tasted or MADE in my life! A must try! Oh yeah I browned the spicy sausage, pancetta, onion and garlic together and added to pot with broth, greens, and potatoes. Added 1 pt heavy cream at the end and let simmer in crockpot. Throw in some breadsticks, salad, and you have Olive Garden at home, for a lot less! Thank you so much! MW/noir fine catering

  • My husband love this soup at the Olive Garden so much that I had to find out how to make it. I have never followed a recipe and was skeptical because of the ingredients used. WE LOVED IT without changing a thing. Thanks.

  • This soup is awasome. My wife requested it just a week after I made it the first time. I use Spinich instead of Kale, just a preference thing. Try it, you'll like it.

  • Oh my ...this is the wonderful taste just like I got it from the Olive Garden. this is the best my whole family loved it. GREAT !!!

  • This is GREAT!! EASY to make and oh so flavorful! Served with garlic breadsticks and family loved. THANKS.

  • I too was skeptical when I first read this recipe. It sounded too easy to be that good! Well, I echo the comments of all of the other readers....THANK YOU! THIS IS THE BEST. I used red potatoes and sliced them with the skins on. I will try some of the others' suggestions to lower the calories. I am so pleased with this recipe. I can't thank you enough.

  • This is the best! I can't believe how easy and quick it was to fix. I'm addicted.

  • i put pasta dumpl[ns in instead of potatoes and that is good also also chopped celery and onion sauated in a bit of olive oil to start it i used sour cream instead of milk and chicken bouion cubes with water instead of the roth

  • DELICIOUS soup!!!! Thank you for the great recipes!

  • Have been looking for this recipe for so long, made it and I did add more kale, it was delicious, even took some left overs to my bachelor son.. he loved it too.. thanks.

  • It was great. Even betther than Olive Gardens as mine had more potatoes and sausages. My family loved it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you so much Robbie I tried the recipe and I just love it, very easy to make. God Bless you for sharing your recipes.

  • OH, MY GOD! Followed the recipe to the letter. My daughter & I love the Olive Garden, but, live about 90 minutes from the closest one. We made this today and thought we died and went to heaven! No need to wait for the Olive Garden's Zuppa when we can do this so quickly and easily at home. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

  • I get so many compliments on this soup and make it often. Yummy...

  • To thicken up the soup, you can add instant mashed potato flakes. I ususally put them in my regular potato soup recipe.

  • good soup...but I should had held back the quart of water until I could see if it was soup was too thin.

  • My husband made this soup and it is beyond my fovorite soup.. i have never had zuppa at olive garden but my husband has and he actually said that this soup is better than what he has had at Olive Garden.. he said the taste is the same but this soup is heartier than the resteraunts!! Every time we invite someone over for supper they always ask for his to make Zuppa... Thanks for this recipe i encourage everyone to try it! its got 5 stars from my and my family.. my 3 year old picky eater even eats it!!

  • I tried this last night, and it was fantastic. We're restarting Atkins today, so I was overjoyed to see your "low carb fix" for this. This has always been my favorite soup and now I can have it low carb too. This soup has sent me off of Atkins more times than I'd like to admit to, and now I can stay low carb and have it too!

  • Thank you, so much for sharing this recipe. My family and friends love this soup.

  • I tried this recipe exactly how it was written and it was excellent. My husband and I go to the Olive Garden just for this soup and now we don't have to. Thanks so much for the recipe. It was easy and delicious.

  • Do not be afraid to make this. I am definately not an experienced cook, and I am so impressed with how easy this recipe is. It is my favorite soup ever that led me to my new favorite cokking site. Thanks, Robbie and Jessica!

  • This is my favorite soup at Olive Garden and I'm so pleased to find this GREAT recipe - so easy and tastes superb!!

  • This soup is wonderful! I think it's even better than Olive Garden's. I t is very easy to make and my family and friends all love it. Thanks for a great recipe!!!

  • This is absolutely the best and easiest recipe for this soup I have found. It tastes exactly like the real soup at the restaurant.

  • Excellent, the first time I had this soup was at Olive Garden I immediately searched the web for the receipe. I must say you hit it on the nail. I have sinced passed it on.

  • It was delicious!!! We make a big pot and freeze the rest. The left overs make a great snack. We get about 2 meals for me and my wife.

  • Better than olive garden's . Best soup ever. Good job.

  • I just made your Zuppa Toscana Soup. OH MY GOSH!!! It tastes just like Olive Garden's. I have a new dish to take to potluck dinners.

  • We love the Zuppa soup at Olive Garden. There isn't one near us since we moved. I made it the other night and we couldn't tell the difference between this soup and Olive Garden's. Great job with this soup!!!

  • My husband loves this soup at olive garden. The first time I made it he was surprised it was so close to theirs. My daughter said it was too spicy... so the next time I made it I made 2 pots one with the spicy itaian sausage and the other with sweet and she loved it. GREAT RECIPE!!

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