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Homemade Kahlua
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Prep. Time: 1:00
Yield: 80 oz. / 10 cups

6 cups granulated sugar
4 cups water
1/4 cup instant coffee granules
1 cup water
750 ml bottle of vodka
1/2 cup vanilla extract

-Dissolve sugar in 4 cups water in a pan over medium heat; boil for 10 minutes; set aside.
-Dissolve coffee granules in 1 cup water in a pan over medium heat; boil for 8 minutes.
-Combine sugar mixture and coffee mixture; cool to room temperature.
-Stir vodka and vanilla into cooled coffee mixture.
-Store in sealed, decorative bottles.

Garnish with whole vanilla beans!
Whole Vanilla Beans

When giving as gifts, I like to garnish with a whole vanilla bean inside the bottle.

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(3) Visitor Comments:

  • I've made kahlua before and it tasted very nice. I did find that your recipe is quite good.

  • I made this awhile back & it's fantastic! I think I like it even better than the brand name stuff! Great recipe- easy & very inexpensive. Thank you! Lori.

  • I thought a cinnamon stick was an ingredient when I made it years ago. will try this one tomorrow.

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