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Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
like Houston's
Serve this creamy, hot dip with tortilla chips.

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Serves: 12
Prep. Time:

2 cloves garlic - minced
2 Tbls. minced onion OR 1 Tbls. dried minced onion
1/4 cup real butter
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups heavy cream
1/4 cup chicken broth
2/3 cup fresh-grated Pecorino Romano cheese
2 tsp. fresh-squeezed
lemon juice
1/2 tsp. hot sauce
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup sour cream
(2) 10 oz. boxes frozen chopped spinach - thawed, squeezed dry
12 oz. jar artichoke hearts - drained, coarsely chopped
1/2 cup shredded white cheddar cheese

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-In a 2-quart saucepan over medium heat, sauté garlic and onion in butter until golden, about 3 - 5 minutes.
-Stir in flour and cook for 1 minute.
-Slowly whisk in cream and broth and continue cooking until boiling.
-Once boiling, stir in Romano, lemon juice, hot sauce, and salt; stir until cheese has melted; remove from heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes.
-Stir sour cream into pan, then fold in dry spinach and artichoke hearts.
-Fold the mixture into a microwave-safe serving dish, or into several serving-size dishes.
-Sprinkle cheddar evenly over top(s).
-At this point, the dip can be refrigerated until ready to serve, if desired.
-Microwave dip on 50% power just until cheese has melted.

Notes: Serve with tortilla chips for dipping and sour cream and salsa.

Visitor Comments

  • I LOVE this and my family LOVES it.. I have two boys 11 and 6 (WOW) who always ask "mommy can you make spinach dip". The best:-)

  • I have been making this dip for about 2 years now, and people ALWAYS ask me to bring it to parties! What I've noticed is that adding more than 2/3 cup of the Romano cheese makes it tast even better! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  • I made this yesterday and it was excellent! I followed the recipe exactly except I added more tobasco and used veg broth. I made your hooter's buffalo wings last week and they were really good! Thank you for your recipes. I will come back to your site over and over and over!

  • Houston's Spinach and Artichoke Dip is absolutely fabulous, every holiday, my family insists that I make this awesome dish. Thank you very much for such a great dip.

  • I mad this for a party of 40 guests and they loved it. The crock pot was empty, empty, empty. Thanks for a great recipe

  • My wife always raved about Houstons dip, but I never had it(we don't have one in this area). I found this recipe in hopes of surprising her, and EVERYONE loves it. We look for excuses to make this. It's the best I've had anywhere. I also find it fun to make.

  • WOW! I go to Houton's every week just to eat the spinach dip. Your recipe was PERFECT. I wouldn't change a thing! Your website is now on my "favorites". Thanks!

  • I Tried this dip on the wife and kids its was very easy to prepare and fantastic. They all said it was the best dip I have ever made. It reminded me of KC Masterpiece resturant Doc's dip. We don't have a Houston's in the area and I have never been to one the dip is great, Loved it

  • Fantastic AAAAAA++++++. Best ever. Certainly worth trying. Perfect when "showing" off your culinary skills.

  • Hello from Canada. I have never heard of Houstons but if this is a sample of what they serve I would like to go. I read all of the comments and made a few changes based on them. Instead of the butter I used 2 Tbsp olive oil. I did add the 2 tsp of sugar that was suggested. I used Monterey Jack instead of the white cheddar. I also used half and half cream to lighten the recipe a bit. Everyone wants the recipe - there is none left! (except the cup full that I kept at home for my family to try). The next time I make it I will use some of the other serving suggestions.

  • My son and I have been enjoying Houston's Spinach and Artichoke dip for years. When I saw your recipe I was thrilled...but not as thrilled as my son when he tasted it!Thank you!!!

  • Fantastic dip. I also used Parmesan and Monterey Jack as suggested by another reviewer, instead of Cheddar and Romano, and it was fantastic. I have tried many versions on spin dip and this is my new #1. THANKS!

  • Been making this recipe for about a year now, still kicks ass. I LOVE THIS RECIPE!!!

  • This was an awesome spinach artichoke dip recipe! I made turkey and "spin" dip deli style sandwiches for a party this evening. I got this idea from Applebee's restaurant. Everyone really liked the sandwiches and a couple of friends begged for the few that were left over to take home for lunch the next day. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • This is the best dip I have ever made and it was the hit of the party. I added more tobasco and baked it versus micro-waved it.

  • All I can say is wow! Like the person who commented before me, I was a bit leery in trying the recipe. As a matter of fact, I thought maybe it may just be you writing all the comments, but I am so glad I didn't let my doubt get the best of me. Although the cheese for the recipe was expensive as hell, I now see why Houston's is Houston's! It is the exact replica of what I eat at Houstons. All I have to say is I need more Houston's recipe's!!!! They are my favorite restaurant, and now Roberta you are my favorite chef.

  • Your spinach dip is Awesome!! I am making it again for the second night in a row. I was a hit with my wife who is a big Houston's fan also. It taste just like the real thing and I can't wait for us to have a family gathering to serve it to the rest of my family and friends...Thank you

  • This dip is the GREATEST! My husband threw a party a few months ago and it was a hit. I had one friend that ate just that. I used the Chicken Cream from a can cause I didn't have time to make the broth and it turned out nicely, I used mozzarella cheese instead of white cheddar and just parmesan cheese instead of Pecorino Romano cheese. Thanks again!

  • Houston's Spinach and Artichoke Dip - I discovered this recipe four years ago. I have served it as a family treat every Christmas since. The recipe has never let me down!

  • I have made this several times. Every time more than one person asks where i got the recipe. This is a great dip.

  • Wow!!! It was exactly what I've been searching for. It was loved by everyone that tried it.

  • Well, I was definitely hesitant to make this after looking at all of the ingredients and cook time. But I must say that it was worth every minute spent! People that don't usually like spinach/artichoke dip LOVED this one! It is delicious and now I'm picky about the dips that I eat! Thanks for the wonderful recipe!!!

  • this is the best recipe. it is soooo goood. i love it i make it alot. people just cant get enough.

  • I must admit that I was a little hesitant when I saw the Tabasco sauce and lemon juice in the recipe, but when I actually tried it, it tasted exactly like the dip from the restaurant. Thank you so much!!! This recipe is excellent!

  • This recipe was amazing. It makes so much also. I am making it for the second night in a row. Had a going away party last night and I had to make it again tonight for super bowl tomorrow. This is the best I have ever had. WOW I have bookmarked your page. I will be back to purchase your book…mMMMMMMMM

  • Fabulous dip, great at parties! It tastes the same as the restaurant version. I do not recommend reheating.

  • Absolutely fabulous recipe...I've made it about three times to several different people, and each time I make it people automatically assume I am a fantastic cook, when actually I just follow directions real well.  I brought it to a potluck once and it was literally gone in about 15 minutes.  Great job!

  • Great recipe, can't taste any difference.

  • OK, so the popular restaurant declines to give the specific recipe. But Alan Thomas, general manager of the Houston's in Austin, says the main ingredients are: Garlic and onions (white) sautéed in olive oil, fresh chicken stock, Heavy cream, Sour cream, Spinach (fresh or frozen), Artichokes (canned, not marinated), Reggiano Parmigiano cheese, Tabasco, Monterey Jack cheese

  • What a great recipe! The dip was the hit of my birthday party. I left out the steaming of the spinach and just baked the whole thing at 350 for about 20 minutes. I also added 1 chopped red bell pepper with the spinach (for color), and I followed the Houston's managers secret and used canned artichokes. I'll definitely use this recipe for my next party! Thanks!

  • Just a note to say thanks. I'm threw a 60th Birthday party for my mom and 40 guests, I needed a good appetizer and tried yours for Spinach Artichoke Dip. I don't eat spinach, however the dip was unbelievable. I highly recommend this, it is inexpensive and simple to make. I didn't even screw it up!

  • I really love this recipe, I have tried A LOT of spinach dip recipes in the past and this is by far the easiest and best tasting, (which is hard to find). It was great to find this. Thanks a bunch.

  • I first tried Houston's dip 8 years ago in DC and was so sad when they closed the g-town location, but your recipe has satisfied my craving!!! thanks so much...also i added a bit of chicken stock and used Monterey jack instead of white cheddar...i shared this with all my college friends and they agreed that it is almost the real thing!! thanks again

  • I made it and it turned out almost perfect. I forgot to buy heavy cream so I just used whole milk. I also only had Parmesan instead of Pecorino Romano. Regardless, it was wonderful. I am not one of these people that says it is wonderful because it tastes good, it has to taste just like the restaurant. As soon as I looked at your recipe I had a feeling it was the one because it was so different from the rest I had seen. Anyway, thanks again for the recipe.

  • I tried the recipe and it was great. It tasted just like the real thing. I also used a few of the tips from the Houston's manager including the chicken stock, and sautéing the garlic and onions in olive oil, and canned instead of marinated artichoke hearts. I made it two days in a row, since my family ate it all on the first day and the ingredients provided enough for two batches. This receipt is the best.

  • Thanks, I’ve been making this recipe for 6 months now. It’s only consumed occasionally due to the artery hardening capabilities. It is the best, I often serve it in a hollowed out King’s Hawaiian bread bowl baked for 30 mins or so. The removed bread can be cut into pieces and baked with the dip.

  • multiplied by 5 times for a reception. got many many raves about it. best anyone had had. thanks. id cut down on butter next time. had to drain some of the butter off.

  • I really love this dip. I have gone to other restaurants and none of them compare to Houston's recipe. When a girlfriend of mine told me about this website I was too excited to see if this recipe was there. I found it and I LOVE IT. My husband loves it and our 2 1/2 year old son loves it also. I fix it all the time and it is quick and easy. We would have to travel 3 hours to go to the nearest Houston's restaurant to get some of this dip. Now I can fix it any time that I want to. Thanks for the recipe and this is not the last recipe that I will make from this site.

  • Unbelievable! I've been searching for this recipe for years! I found it just in time for the holiday season. I made it for two holiday parties and everyone loved it. Some folks commented (without any prompting), "this tastes just like Houston's spinach dip". Thank you for figuring out the secret recipe for all of us spinach-dip-lovers.

  • I tried the Spinach & Artichoke Dip from your recipe site and it is wonderful. It may be the best I have ever tasted. Thank you for sharing you recipes.

  • I made this dip for my mother-in-laws massive seafood birthday bash. The whole gang was crowded around the dip and it was gone in no time. My husband has now begged that I make him a batch to watch the Superbowl with. I bet that's gonna fly too.

  • This is so easy to make. It's a hit at every gathering; that's all people ask me to bring now.

  • My friends and I have been traveling 2 hours to the closest Houstons mainly for the spinach dip. Since I have found this recipe whe have not had a desire to go there. The recipe is exactly the same as Houstons and every time I make it people love it. Thanks for the recipe and saving me a 2 hour ride Robbie.

  • Loved this recipe! It was delicious. I made it during football season for a party and everyone loved it. It tastes just like Houston’s dip. You are amazing. I’m definitely buying your cookbook.

  • This recipe turned out absolutely wonderful!! I even used cream cheese in place of the heavy whipping cream. I just microwaved it, and thinned it down with whole milk. I also used parmesan instead of romano. I had only marinated artichokes, and I just gave them a rinse under some water, and they worked fine as well. I cutback this recipe to just half, because it's just my husband and myself. It made so much dip, we couldn't finish it all. It was one of the best dips we have ever eaten! Thanks for the recipe. I have also used other recipes from this site with great results as well!

  • This was so awesome … if you are thinking about trying it … don't hesitate! Yummy Yummy!

  • Been to Houston's many times and I made the dip the first time today and although I'm not a cook, IT ROCKED. I bought 2 Corning shallow 23 oz. serving dishes and I filled it twice with your recipe. Next, I'll try your Harvest Bay Mahi-Mahi!

  • I made the above recipe for Spinach & Artichoke dip for my husband and I a couple months ago then divided the leftovers into 5 Ziploc baggies and froze it. Then whenever we feel like some more dip, I just put the frozen brick of dip in a dish, heat it on high in the microwave for 4 minutes, add the shredded white cheddar, melt that on top and voila! Tastes just as good as night one! I used 2% milk instead of heavy cream, fat free chicken stock and low fat sour cream in the recipe to cut out some of the fat. It still tastes great. Thanks for the great website!

  • Your recipe for this Spinach and Artichoke dip is almost a perfect re-creation of the Houston's recipe. The Restaraunt i work at has used the Houston's recipe for years as the basis for our own Spinach and artichoke dip that People love. One thing however I thought you should know is that you forgot to include Sugar in your Recipe, Plain White Sugar is a part of the original Houstons Recipe and adds just a touch of much needed sweetness to the finished product, balancing wonderfully with the richness of the cream, the salty- nutty flavors of the Parmesan and the spicy aftertaste of the Tabasco. We make our Spinach dip in much larger quantities than this recipe, but for your yield I would suggest 2 tsp. of Sugar. Next time you make this dip, add the sugar at the same time you add the lemon juice and hot Sauce and you will be amazed what a little sweetness does for this Dip. Enjoy.

  • I have made this recipe twice for two different party's and everyone loved it.

  • Try it in a bread bowl, cut and bake the removed bread.

  • I'm going to say the same as all the previous commenters. It's a GREAT recipe. Made it last night for my Christmas Eve family party. Everyone gathered around the dip and LOVED it. Everyone wanted the recipe. Thanks so much for this DELICIOUS recipe. It will be a family favorite.

  • Thanks SO much for this recipe. Everyone LOVED it. It was the hit of my Christmas Eve party! More conversations, and more people mingled around that dish! LOL!! Thanks. I am new to your site. It looks great. Looks like I will spending lot's of time here. ( another first will be washing my down comforter ) Thanks. I am going to buy your cookbook. Happy New Year. Thanks for being here. Sincerely, A newbie Robbie fan

  • AWESOME is all I can say. Growing up, Houston's was one of my favorite restaurants in Rockville, MD. A friend recently made this recipe and mentioned it was Houston's. Wow ! I have had many spinach dips but nothing like this! Now, I am able to serve this to my guests. Thanks! Kudos!

  • This recipe was amazing. I doubled up on the spinach just cause I like it but it was excellent. You were right, it is a lot like Houstons in fact it was the best recipe Ive tried so far, way better the the ones listed on the food network website. Thanks so much for was a HUGE hit!

  • We tried the Spinach and artichoke dip from Houstons and it was FABULOUS!

  • This recipe was so delicious. My Bunco group just loved it. I made it with only slight modifications---fresh parmigiano reggiano cheese and only 1 frozen package of spinach. Your recipe did not mention the size of the microwave dish but it worked really well in a 9 x 12 baking dish. Thanks again, I will definitely make it again!

  • The Spinach Artichoke Dip like Houston’s was as close as I could imagine to the real thing. Very delicious.

  • Fabulous fabulous recipe,,, I made it for a staff bbq . I added 1/2cup of grated emmentaler to it...was wonderful...thanks for sharing
    This recipe was great. I'm not exactly the great in the kitchen, but making this was easy for even me! Definitely satisfied my craving. Thanks for this delicious recipe!

  • I make a wonderful vegetable appetizer pizza with this dip as the main ingredient. Everyone who comes over asks me to make them one. I simply brown a large flour tortilla in a non-stick skillet until crisp. Then I spread the spinach and artichoke dip on top, sprinkle with chopped mushrooms, chopped black olives, roma tomato slices and then mozzarella cheese and bake in the oven at about 400 degrees until the cheese has melted. Delicious!!!

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