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Classic Ham and Bean Soup
Slow-cooked savory soup will stick to your ribs!
Packed with vegetables, ham, potatoes, and tender beans.
Tastes great the first time around, or frozen and reheated.

Submitted By: Mary Kolling (Robbie's mom)
Serves: 16
Prep. Time: 5:30

1 Lb. soup beans - soaked in water overnight
2 Lb. ham hocks
10 cups water
14 oz. can stewed tomatoes - chopped
8 oz. can tomato sauce
6 carrots - chopped
4 med. potatoes - cubed
1 lrg. onion - chopped
3 beef bouillon cubes
2 bay leaves
2 Tbls. parsley flakes
1 Tbls. salt
1 Tbls. minced garlic
1/2 Tbls. black pepper
1/2 tsp. dried thyme

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

-Combine all ingredients in large pot; simmer over low heat for 4 hours.
-Remove ham hocks from pot. Cut off meat. Return meat to pot. Discard bones and fat.
-Simmer over low heat for 1 hour.
-Remove bay leaves from soup before serving.

Make It A Meal: Serve with Hearty Rye Bread like The Outback's

2 Visitor Comments About This Recipe Submit Yours Below!
  • Extremely flavorful and simple to make! Beans held up to freezing well and tasted just as savory re-heated. Simmering soup for hours makes you feel like such a good cook!

  • I believe this is the recipe I found on the internet last year. It was so wonderful I meant to put it in my recipe folder. I did not! I am so thankful to find it again! My husband was positive carrots and stewed tomatoes do not belong in bean soup. He could not stop eating!! It has been a family favorite (and our family is big!) for all occasions. Thank you so much!

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