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Food Novelties at Firehouse Pantry

Perfect Margarita
like Applebee's®
The best margarita this side of the border!

Serves: 1

1 1/4 oz. Cuervo® Gold OR 1800 tequila
3/4 oz. Cointreau®
3/4 oz. Grand Marnier®
1 oz. sweetened lime juice (like Roses®)
3 oz. sweet & sour mix

-Shake all ingredients over ice.
-Strain into an ice-filled glass.

Ingredients at Firehouse Pantry

Cocktail food to accompany this drink: 6-Layer Mexican Dip

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Visitor Comments

  • A little too much orange, in our opinion. Next time we're going to reduce the orange liquor to 1oz total. Otherwise this tasted very close!

  • THE BEST margarita!! I had one at Applebee's last night--looked up the recipe this morning, and am enjoying one as I type this!

  • Thank you. I also had my first last nite. I'm on the way to the liquor store to stock up!

  • The best margarita ever. :)

  • Absolutely to DIE for! One will do 'ya!

  • Your recipes are super great! I made the Appleby's Margarita's at a dinner party and they were the best!

  • I used to bartend at Applebee. Applebee's uses Cuervo reposado for the tequila. And also uses 2 tablespoons of simple syrup [1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of water, 1 zested lime (use a grater to remove the green part of the lime skin]. otherwise this is a right on recipe. My favorite margarita.

  • This “Perfect Margarita” recipe is a knock-out. A VERY strong drink, but it’s really smooth. They taste so good that you have to pace yourself or risk falling off your chair. A+!

  • CORECTION: The tequila is Cuervo 1800 Reposado

  • I am still a bartender at Applebee's and is 1.25oz 1800 Reposado, .5oz Gran Marnier, .5oz Cointreau, 1oz fresh lime jc, .5oz simple syrup or 1 sugar packet and 4oz of sweet/sour

  • what about the green olive? That was what we always thought set this margarita apart from the others

  • i am a bartender at applebee's and yes, this is the exact recipe we use for the perfect margarita, except you do not pour it over an ice filled glass. Instead, keep the ice in the shaker tin and pour it into a martini glass with salt on the rim. Enjoy everyone!

  • One of the best margaritas I've had since Mexico.I added my prefered tequila and am enjoying one now!!

  • You know, what also makes a Margaria great is the type of Sweet N Sour you use...I've found the best "excluding making your own" to be Lasco Lemon and Lime, it's a powder packet. You can also go to Applebees and on a good day they will sell you their SnS for 4 dollars, and I think it makes 1 or 2 gallons of SnS

  • BEST MARGARITA EVER!!!!! Had to find this after ejoying them at Applebee's. We tried making them but the ingredient we left out was the sweetened lime juice...I am sure that once that is added, it will be the "Perfect Margarita". Thanks for posting this :) CHEERS!

  • I absolutely loved this drink! It's my new favorite, thanks, Applebee's!

  • Loved it! Had one on my 1st date before watching ¨Rambo¨

  • Only way to make it better is to use Patron instead of 1800!!

  • use fresh lime juice {the juice of 1 lime} not roses lime juice just too sweet

  • The best drink I've ever had. It's so good I'd rather got to Applebee's to drink vs. eat. LOL!!!

  • the very best Margarita I've ever had!!!

  • It tastes just like at the restaurant! Only problem is it's cheaper to make them at home so I might be tempted to have one too many! :)

  • who cares who bartend @ applebee's the fact is, this is a great drink and only applebee's knows how to make them I try one at O'charleys it was good but not like applebee's...I have to have many to get a buzz but they are soooo good....I like how applebee's leaves the drink in the I bartend in my own home and serve one hell of a perfect margarita

  • My neice made these for us when we visited her in Wyoming recently. I'm not a big drinker, but this recipe makes a PERFECT Margarita! I will be making these myself on occassion!

  • Maybe I used the wrong sweet and sour mix but I didn't like the lime taste. Tasted like that lime juice in those plastic squeeze bottles. Next time I'm going to take the time to make a simple syrup with the lime zest and fresh lime juice. I think that would make all the difference.

  • OH MY GOSH! I am soooo hooked on this drink. I have withdrawals if I don't have one atleast once a week. Add an olive for extra! The olive with the sour is awesome!!!

  • Tried it first with the Cuervo gold and found it good but way too tart with the sweet and sour, tried it again with reposado 1800 and it was perfect, definately have it with the 1800 instead of gold.

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